Can a Rat Trap Break Your Finger

Can a Rat Trap Break Your Finger?

Rats are destructive pests that are hazardous to your health and wellbeing. These animals reproduce quickly and will wreak havoc on the structure of your home should you leave them be. Tackling a rat infestation immediately is the key to solving any rat problem. Handling traps yourself however could result in injury. It is why…

Can You Reuse a Rat Trap

Can You Reuse a Rat Trap?

Handling a rat problem requires some financial investment, so reusing the traps you purchased is not a bad idea. Thankfully, most rat traps can be reused multiple times. Using rat traps however requires some understanding of how rats behave, and you would need to learn how to catch a rat using rat traps. They should be…

Where do Rats Nest

Where Do Rats Nest?

Rats are highly adaptive animals that you may have spotted anywhere in the city. Rats are commonly seen in parks, subways, alleys, basements, attics, and even in restaurants. These pests will travel far and wide for food. It seems like they could go anywhere, but where do they nest? Rats do have homes they go…

How to Find a Rats Nest in your House

How to Find a Rat’s Nest in Your House

Rats are highly agile and active little animals that will fully take advantage of your home if given the chance. These pests will wreak havoc on the structure of your home and put you and your family at risk of getting sick. The longer you wait, the worse the situation will be. If you’re seeing…

Does Home Insurance Cover Rat Infestation

Does Home Insurance Cover Rat Infestation?

Rat infestations are difficult to get rid of and can cause a whole lot of trouble. Rats not only carry dangerous diseases but actively damage the structure of the home, risking power outages, fires, and increases in energy bills. One would hope that their insurance provider would help cover these costs. If you suspect a…

I caught a rat now what?

I Caught a Rat Now What?

You noticed some rat activity and got a rat trap. A few days later your trap has yielded a reward; you have caught the rat that has been destroying your kitchen and causing a lot of sleepless nights because of its endless gnawing and scratching at night. Now what? If you have managed to trap…

What Are Common Rat Control Solutions?

Rats are nefarious creatures. Rats invade homes and businesses and build nests, and the problem has grown to immense proportions throughout Canada. Recently, Toronto seems to have an uncontrollable rat problem. Learning different methods of rat control, however, can assist you in removing these pests from your home and property.