Can You Reuse a Rat Trap

Can You Reuse a Rat Trap?

Handling a rat problem requires some financial investment, so reusing the traps you purchased is not a bad idea. Thankfully, most rat traps can be reused multiple times. Using rat traps however requires some understanding of how rats behave, and you would need to learn how to catch a rat using rat traps. They should be used with caution because they can harm you as well. If you’re looking for some help in solving a rat infestation, call rat control Toronto and we’ll get started.

The traditional snap trap that is used for rats and mice may be the most common trap out there. This trap consists of a plastic or wooden platform with a spring and u-shaped metal bar attached to its end. When a rat steps on the platform, the bar snaps down onto the animal’s neck and kills it instantly. To lure a rat into the trap, a bait such as peanut butter is placed on the platform. This design is used for both rats and mice, but the rat trap is much larger and more powerful than the mouse trap. One should be very careful when handling rat traps because they can break fingers. Snap traps are cheap and can be re-used multiple times by removing their victims, placing more bait, and resetting their bars.

Electronic rat traps and multi-catch traps can also be used multiple times. The electronic rat trap, also known as the zap trap, has a rectangular shape and delivers an electric shock to any rat that enters inside. This kills the rat immediately and is even more reliable than snap traps. Electronic rat traps usually work on batteries, which can be recharged on replaced indefinitely. Multi-catch traps are even simpler and can be reused as many times as you want. These are traps with one-way doors that allow the rats inside but do not let them out. Simply take any rats you’ve caught outside and open the door to let them out.

While rat traps can be reused several times, it is recommended that you get professional help to get rid of them for good. Rats reproduce quickly and they are highly suspicious of their surroundings, so setting some traps yourself may not be enough. Professionals know where to look to find rats and their nests; they can figure out the paths they take and place the traps in the most effective locations. They also have access to professional-grade rodenticides that eliminate rats outdoors. Some companies offer pest-proofing services as well to protect your home from any future infestations.

Rat traps are economical and effective at eliminating rats, but they should be used with caution and reset as soon as any rats have been caught. Rats are sneaky and difficult to get rid of on your own. Consider hiring a technician to assess your situation and implement a rat control plan that will quickly solve your problem. Contact The Exterminators for the safest and most efficient rat control. We perform thorough inspections and offer guaranteed pest-proofing to keep the rats out for good. Call Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc now: 647-496-2211.