How to Deal with a Rat Plague the Permaculture Way

How to Deal with a Rat Problem the Permaculture Way

Rats are resilient creatures that have exploded in population thanks to their lack of predators. As we drive big cats, coyotes, and birds of prey away from our habitats, rats stay behind and take advantage of what we have built. They ravage our gardens and wreak havoc on the interiors of our homes. Thankfully, there…

What Do Rats Eat in the Garden

What Do Rats Eat in the Garden?

Rats are opportunistic animals. If they come across a vegetable patch out in the yard, they will eat from it with no holds barred. These are destructive rodents that will dig and chew through practically anything, damaging your property and putting you at risk of getting sick. If you’re worried about getting rats, you will…