How to Deal with a Rat Plague the Permaculture Way

How to Deal with a Rat Problem the Permaculture Way

Rats are resilient creatures that have exploded in population thanks to their lack of predators. As we drive big cats, coyotes, and birds of prey away from our habitats, rats stay behind and take advantage of what we have built. They ravage our gardens and wreak havoc on the interiors of our homes. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help protect your garden and home from an invasion. For safe and reliable rat control, call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.

Rats are common in Canadian cities and suburbs, invading our gardens in search of food and new territory. These are omnivorous rodents with a head and body length of up to 28cm and a tail nearly just as long. They have beady black eyes, rounded snouts, stubby legs, and shaggy brown fur. As burrowers, rats dig extensive tunnels underground that connect one source of food to the other. These networks expand over time and frequently make their way into people’s yards where the animals will have access to fruits, vegetables, bird seed, and garbage. Urban gardens are highly susceptible to rats.

If you want to get rid of the problem in your garden, you will need to use baits, snap traps, or a combination thereof. Snap traps are easy to use and provide quick, humane deaths in most cases. Place these along the outer walls of your property, out of the way so that you do not walk on them yourself. These traps, however, risk hurting the other animals in the neighbourhood. Professionals recommend using bait boxes outdoors to keep these other animals safe and to avoid any cleanup. These are tamper-proof containers inaccessible to raccoons, deer, pets, and other larger animals. The formula also appeals to rats – squirrels and chipmunks do not like the taste.

For long-term results, reduce the rodents’ access to food. Invest in metal mesh row covers and cages to protect your plants. Harvest everything on time, and if any produce has fallen to the ground, pick it up immediately. Cut the grass and pull weeds. You can also try planting things that rats don’t like, such as lavender, daffodils, and marigolds. Rats have also been known to dislike the smell of peppermint, chili peppers, and garlic, so you can sprinkle those on your plants as well. Finally, protect your home from rats by covering your wall vents with a thick steel mesh and ensuring that there are no cracks in your foundation.

Remember that the best way to get rid of rats is to hire a professional pest remover. A professional can assess your situation and identify points of entry for you. He or she can then pest-proof your property to prevent any pests from getting inside. The baits and traps that licensed pest removers use are safer and more effective than those available in stores. Their training and experience also them to use these at their highest potential. Contact The Exterminators today for secure and affordable pest control services.