What Do Rats Eat in the Garden

What Do Rats Eat in the Garden?

Rats are opportunistic animals. If they come across a vegetable patch out in the yard, they will eat from it with no holds barred. These are destructive rodents that will dig and chew through practically anything, damaging your property and putting you at risk of getting sick. If you’re worried about getting rats, you will need to protect your garden and remove as many food sources as you can. Call The Exterminators today if you’re interested in professional-grade pest-proofing: 647-496-2211.

The average rat in Ontario measures up to 40cm in length, tail included, and weighs about 200 grams. These rodents have shaggy brown fur, black eyes, and rounded snouts. As omnivores, rats will eat both meat and plant-based foods. They are also known to consume what we would consider inedible, like carrion and feces. As such, rats will eat all kinds of garden vegetables and plants like tubers, squashes, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Fallen apples and other fruits are also favourites. Rats will even eat flowers, fertilizer, and any small crops you may have growing. Any bird seed or compost you keep nearby may be consumed by rats.

If you want to keep rodents away, start by removing any clutter there may be in the yard. Keep the garden tidy by pulling weeds and mowing the lawn on a regular basis. Trim shrubs and move plants away from the sides of the house, along with firewood and other bulky objects. Use lidded garbage cans and consider storing them away from the garden or the home in a small shed. Remove bird feeders or use one with a basket that collects any seeds that fall from it. Always clean up after a meal outside. Finally, cover your vegetable garden with rat-proof row covers.

Once you have made the yard more unattractive, you may want to pest-proof the structure of your home, as well. Rats can squeeze through gaps merely 2cm wide, so look for any holes, gaps, or cracks that the animals could use to get inside the house and seal them. Examine your deck, foundation, utility lines, window frames, and door frames for openings. You can use caulking to seal cracks and steel mesh to cover wider openings like wall vents. Use steel wool to block out small holes. Finally, put some weatherstripping to the bottom of your garage door.

Keeping rats away from the garden will save you the headache of an infestation. These are terribly destructive pests that will gladly ruin the hard work you put into your yard. If you suspect some rat activity on your property, call The Exterminators and we will come to the rescue. Our experts know rat control in and out and offer high quality pest-proofing to keep them away from the house. We also offer ongoing service to keep wild, outdoor rat populations at bay. Call The Exterminators today for the most effective rat control services: 647-496-2211.