Small Mice in House – Mouse Reproductive Rates

Are You Seeing Small Mice in The House?

If you are seeing tiny mice scurrying around in your house chances are you are seeing signs of the new generation. Mice are known to be very invasive rodents. Their most significant reason for successfully invading properties is their reproductive rate. How often do mice have babies? Just one female mouse can deliver over 100 100 babies in one year! However, out in the wild, rodent population is controlled by their natural predators and the climate (mostly rodents reproduce during fall and spring). Houses provide a particular comfort zone for mice and rats and they can reproduce all year round. So, that is why it is important to call Toronto mice control services immediately after you think your property got invaded by mice. Small mice don’t seem like much but can carry fleas inside that can wreck havoc when you have pets.

A female mouse reaches sexual maturity at four weeks old, approximately one month. Mice have a gestation period of 20 days, and the mouse can have 5-10 litter per year. Each litter that the mouse gives birth to can consist of 5-7 mice. A single mouse can thus give birth to around 70 mice in a year, which is a staggering number of rodents in one home. The mortality rate of mice is very high and a mouse can live for around 1-2 years.

Signs of Mice in the House

A house mouse is approximately 2 to 4 inches long. It is highly adaptable to any environment; its natural habitat is the wild but climatic factors may lead it to seek refuge in individual homes. There are some indicators that your home is infested with mice: mice droppings, a pungent smell in the house and gnaw marks on food boxes or containers.

Mice Control

Mice can cause a lot of damage around the house by gnawing through a vast number of materials. They are also disease carriers. Therefore it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are many ways to clear out mice infestation in the house, but professional extermination services have remained to be the best.

Mouse Traps

Mice are quite intelligent creatures and tend to follow routines thus they are leery of new objects such as traps. Using traps to catch mice is a tedious process since it may take some time to catch any mice.

Ultrasound Devices

It emits high pitched sound waves that irritate mice and makes them leave. The sound waves cannot pass through walls hence a device is required in each room. These devices are expensive and don’t provide a permanent solution since mice get used to repetitive sounds quickly.


These are effective since they are very poisonous. The downside is that the mice can die anywhere. If not found, the musty smell of decomposing rodents will fill the house very quickly. This is why professionals are the best to do the extermination job. The Ministry of Environment in Ontario together with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency Canada regulates the use of poisonous pesticides and rodenticides to avoid accidents. Only professionals are allowed to handle these chemicals.

Professional exterminators offer a complete solution to the rodent problem and also provide preventive measures like mice control products to rodent-proof the house. For best results, always contact professionals, it is hassle-free. If you are seeing small mice in the house the problem will only get worse with time when the new generation begins reproduction. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211