What Does a Bed Bug Infestation Look Like?

Canada’s pest experts opine that the bed bug problem is turning worse this year with Toronto being named as a bed bug capital of the country. Infestations by bed bugs have rapidly spread throughout the city and reports have shot up by more than 20 percent over that for the previous years. Bed bug infestations are difficult to get rid of. It is easier to exterminate them when the infestation is spotted early enough, isolated and eliminated.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

The task of spotting an infestation in the early stages is not an easy one. They can remain completely undetected if only a few of them are present.

  1. Presence of tell-tale physical signs such as reddish stains on bed sheets and covers because of some of the bed bugs got crushed.
  2. Excrement stains of bed bugs appearing as dark spots much like marker spots.
  3. Presence of eggshells of the bed bug nymphs when they hatch. They are about 1 millimeter in diameter.
  4. Presence of exoskeletons of the bed bugs when they molt.
  5. Live bed bugs.
  6. Bed bug poop on your bedding sheets, mattress, bed frame.

Early Infestation – Where to Look

Bed bugs are brought home through luggage, used furniture or pets. They feed at night, and that is when they come out of their hiding places. Much of their day is spent in dark locations not further than 100 feet away from their hosts. They are found in furniture crevices, wallpaper cracks and corners, baseboards, and ceiling tiles. They are also seen to live in the seams of the mattresses.

Physical signs of early infestation are bites on the human skin. They appear as large raised areas of the skin after the bite, also called welts. These bites cause intense itching and sometimes allergic reactions.

Extermination of Bed Bugs

Trying to get rid of bed bugs by using over-the-counter solutions and sprays can compound the problem and make it worse. Using sprays may just cause them to move out from their current dwellings and widen the infestation. Overuse or misuse of chemicals may aggravate asthma conditions or have other harmful side effects on the health of the residents of the infested building/home/apartment. Sealing cracks, washing all the furnishings in boiling water, removing clutter and unused furniture, use of sealed covers for the mattress, pillows and box springs, etc., may prove helpful to some degree in getting rid of bed bugs but not fully. If you suspect bed bug activity, please give bed bug removal Toronto a call and we’ll solve your problem.

Calling a Professional Exterminator

For the best outcomes in getting rid of bed bug infestation in your homes, it is vital to call in pest management professionals who will effectively get rid of the beg bugs. The exterminators often follow an integrated approach and would even teach you methods to prevent infestations in the future. They are trained to employ methods beyond pesticide use and are seen to use heat treatment and steam cleaning techniques. They will be equipped with skilled personnel, the right tools, and techniques to get rid of the problem.

Call pest control Toronto today (647-496-2211) if you think there are bed bugs in your home – we guarantee to get rid of them.