What Are the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation?

What Are the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation?

Toronto tops the list of cities that have the highest case of bed bug infestations in Canada which means that if you suspect that you may have bed bugs, chances are you might be right and you need to call bed bug control. How can you tell that the problem you are facing is actually bed bugs and not any other insect?

Symptoms that you have a bed bug problem.

1. Bite marks

Just as the name suggests, they like to hide in your bed and become very active at night. Bed bugs leave distinctive bite marks on your arms and even face as they look for the softest spot to suck blood. Bed bugs would bite you on any part of your body. These bugs may not carry any diseases, but the affected area will itch a lot, and the scratching could lead to other unwanted problems.

2. They leave an odor

Bed bugs have a powerful exoskeleton which they shed regularly. Unless you are an expert bed bug exterminator, you may not be able to recognize it, but the smell they leave is unmistakable. It is a pungent smell that clings long after they are dead. Even when still alive, they tend to release pheromones that make their presence known. If your house has a musty odor that was not there before, it may be time to get help from someone who would know how to expel bed bugs with the assurance that they will not be back.

3. Rusty sheets

After sucking on your blood, bed bugs will leave a rusty stain on your sheets. You also can notice bed bug poop on your sheets which will indicate the severity of the infestation.

4. You can see them

When the infestation levels are too high, bed bugs eventually lack places to hide in your bed and will now move to the closet, seats and any other place with a crevice that could accommodate them. If you turn on the light during the night, you could see them crawling for the darkest spots. If you suspect bed bug activity, please give bed bug removal Toronto a call and we’ll solve your problem.

Moving from the question ‘how can you find out if you have bedbugs?’ to solving the problem is something that should be done swiftly. These nasty little creatures multiply very fast, which is why residents in Toronto, have to be very vigilant. Contact a licensed exterminator to deal with the problem conclusively.

Most of us would want to have a look at DIY solutions to try and see if they can keep the infestation under control but note that they will not solve your problem with the finality it deserves. Only the licensed bed bug exterminator in Toronto would have access to the kind of chemicals that kill bedbugs and prevent them from coming back and infesting your place again. Call Pest Extermination today (647-496-2211) if you think there are bed bugs in your home – we guarantee to get rid of them.