How To Kill German Cockroaches – Crack and Crevice Treatment Residual

German cockroaches are small and hard to control insects since they reproduce fast and they are active in the dark. Over the counter, solutions are very inefficient. They contain lower concentrations of active ingredients compared to products used by professional exterminators. Cockroaches have become very resistant to the over the counter products. Strict pesticide regulations in Canada ensure that powerful pesticides are only handled professionally. The best products to get rid of German cockroaches and cockroach egg sack are reserved for professionals therefore not sold in your local home hardware store.

Crack and Crevice Treatment Residual

Crack and crevice treatment is a procedure used by exterminators to place or inject pesticides into places that are unreachable by conventional pesticides. German cockroaches can fit through spaces between walls, wall voids, and tiny cracks. All these make it very hard to reach them by regular pest control products. That is why the professional cockroach exterminator will use a residual insecticide. First, the residual (a very concentrated chemical) is mixed with water then applied in areas where the cockroaches frequent like cracks and crevices. If this commercial insecticide application is not enough exterminators can use insecticide dust or spray to flush out the German cockroaches from cracks and crevices. The residual insecticide keeps killing the remaining cockroaches after the treatment. The residual pesticide can be very poisonous and it is strategically left out of sight, to avoid accidental poisoning to children or pets. It is cheaper and efficient to source out cockroach control services.

Growth regulators for insects can also be used as a method to dwindle cockroach numbers. Cockroaches that ingest this poison spread it to other cockroaches and make them stop multiplying. This approach ensures that the cockroach population thins out. Call the professionals to deal with this problem once and for all. Contact the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 for the quick and safe cockroach control. Also, check out our pest control products for DYI methods.