Mice in Attached Garage - Getting Rid of Mice

Mice in Attached Garage – Getting Rid of Mice

A garage is usually the first place that mice will go to before making their way into your home. This is true especially if you have an attached garage. The attached garage is a type of a garage that is connected to a house by a continuous roofline, therefore, makes it easy for mice to get into your home as compared to a detached garage. If you notice a mouse in your garage it’s recommended to call mice removal Toronto services to prevent possible infestation and damages.

Mice are naturally attracted to garages because they offer great warmth and shelter and it is the perfect place to create a nest and start multiplying. They also offer plenty of places for mice to hide, provide easy access to edibles like birdseed and dog food, and nesting materials such as paper, cotton, leaves, and even debris. Due of the many items stored in the attached garage, it makes it easy for them to climb up and sneak inside your home.

How to get rid of mice in the garage

Mice can invade any part of your home, and your garage is one of those places. While having mice in your garage seem like a pretty normal thing to most people, they can cause a lot of damage to both the equipment stored and your health. They will chew up wires and nest in your spare tires. Luckily you can get rid of mice in the garage with a few simple tips. Depending on the size, equipment, and machinery stored in your garage, it’s advisable that you get a pest control professional to help you carry out this exercise. Mice often carry diseases that could be contagious, getting rid of them by yourself is not a wise idea. If you need help with keeping mice out during the winter months, there is a great article about how to keep mice out of shed in winter.

Solutions of rid of mice in your garage

If you are determined to get rid of mice in your garage by yourself here are a few tips.

  • First, bait live mouse traps in strategic places in your garage that you are sure will attract mice. There are several traps on the market such as glue traps, but they do come with certain caveats. Best places to set bait include; pathways, feeding areas, nesting areas, areas with droppings. Use cheese or peanut butter and set the bait next to the wall, near the suspected access point.
  • Spray mice repellent sprays in and around your garage to discourage mice that are outside your garage from getting in.
  • In case you detest the idea of using chemicals to keep off mice, you could make your own natural repellent that mice hate. Mix laundry detergent with hot pepper sauce in a gallon of water. Spray the mixture out and around your garage. Ensure that all holes that are bigger than ¼ inch are sealed off. Mice are known to squeeze through tiny openings.
  • In case you wish to have double coverage, you could also set up conventional mousetraps by adding them in corners, under shelves, along with window casings and in rafters. Also, find out where the access points are and place the traps. Regularly check the traps for dead mice and dispose of them.
  • An eco-friendly solution to getting rid of mice in your garage is using ultrasonic repellents. This repellent is inaudible to humans but very sharp and painful to mice. Mice will avoid going to areas where this device is humming, however, it would not stop them from reproducing. But how often do mice breed? Mice can reproduce at a very fast rate and can give birth to a litter of 14 pups at a  time with a max of up to 5 litters a year.

If you are unsure of how to get rid of mice in your garage, contact your local pest control service for help. They will be in a better position to inspect your garage, determine the access points and get rid of the mice in your garage for good.

Mice in Attached Garage- Getting Rid of Mice

Because the garage is full of places for mice to hide, it can make it extremely hard for you to get rid of them. Setting up baits and using poison aren’t the most effective ways to eliminate them. The mouse infestation is a much bigger problem than you think and it would definitely be a waste of time, money, and resources trying to get rid of them by yourself. Furthermore, mice tend to be intelligent and sneaky. So going the DIY way is not an option. If you are serious about getting rid of mice in your attached garage, you should consider hiring a reputable licensed pest exterminator.

Why Should You Hire a Reputable Licensed Exterminator?

When you hire a reputable licensed exterminator, the first thing they will do is perform a thorough inspection to determine both the extent of the infestation and where the mice are gaining access to your garage from. By locating the source of the infestation, they are able to maximize the effectiveness of the mice control treatment and also prevent future infestations. Additionally, they will seal off all entries to block their access to the garage.

Hiring a professional pest control Toronto company can also save you money that you would have otherwise spent on fixing damages caused by mice.
You can even save more by requesting the exterminator to proactively treat your attached garage at periodic intervals during the year to ensure that your home remains mice-free all year long.

A licensed pest control company can also provide quicker and more effective results than if you tried to eliminate them yourself. This is because they have skills and experience, and the products they use may not be readily available to consumers.

The excellent exterminator will also do a follow-up visit to ensure that your mice infestation has been completely eliminated.

If you notice mice in your attached garage, do not ignore or simply try to get rid of them yourself. It’s highly advisable to find a reputable licensed mouse exterminator to help you eradicate the infestation in the most professional way and at an affordable cost. Contact the Exterminators for mice control services at 647-496-2211 or check out our online store for mouse control products.

Article Updated August 27th, 2018