Rodent Bait Station The Beaches

Case Study: Rats Burrow Through Shed in The Beaches

This article will analyse and recount a rat extermination and pest-proofing service in The Beaches. This infestation was a long-standing rat issue on the customer’s property. It will detail the steps taken in exclusion, by the technician, to eradicate the rat infestation. This visit is located between Kingston Road and Queen Street East in the beaches in east Toronto.
The technicians, before the exclusion, must first inspect and confer with the customer or customer’s on the issue and then must inspect for levels of activity. The customer’s original complaint was a rat infestation that has been going on for a long period of time and that the shed on their property was the focus of the infestation. A technician was sent out to inspect the property for exclusion and activity.

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The Beaches, East York: Toronto’s Pride and Joy in the East End
The beaches are a favourite spot for almost all Torontonians. With winter as harsh as it is, most people in Toronto spend half the year longing for warmth. When the summer does come, or even the early spring, people flock to Ontario beaches for a day of swim and sun. This area was once a swamp however, it was drained and the forest was cleared and a board-walk was built. From then on the beaches have been one of the most beautiful parts of Toronto.
Exterior Inspection 
When the technician arrives on site they will perform an exterior inspection of the outside of the house. The initial inspection on-site revealed a severe rat issue and a large number of openings around the garage-shed.  Wall vents that were open to access were found as well as burrowing under the shed. Foundation gaps were located and the property had a large amount of detritus material throughout the yard.

Detritus Rodent Activity Foundation Gap
Holes in the foundation will let rats into the house. The mess in the yard surrounding the house will also attract rodents to the area.

Interior Inspection 
The interior inspection showed that the shed needed interior exclusion to prevent rats from entering and disinfection from the previous occupation.

Shed Garage Rodent Activity
Rats will dig under sheds and other structures for food and shelter.

Initial Measures
The technician found detritus and possible burrowing in the garage shed. Preventative exclusion was needed to keep the rats outside and to prevent them from managing to invade the house. Tamper proof bait stations were placed around the property to reduce exterior rat population.

Rat Bait Station
Rodent bait stations are excellent for the extermination of rats outside. After a few ingestions, the pest retreat into their burrows where they will perish out of sight.

Proposed exclusion
The technician excluded using brown metal flashing around the perimeter of the garage as well as around the kick plate, on the inside where wood was being chewed. This is key in all rat treatments whether the rats have gotten inside or not.  Two wall vents were sealed off and a one-way rat door was installed at the foundation gap.

Rat One-Way Door the Beaches
The rat one-way door lets rats out of the house, where they will consume the rodenticide set outside.
Steel Plating Metal Flashing
Plating will stop the movement of rats in and out of the shed.
Wall Vent Mesh Cover
Covering wall vents with a steel mesh will prevent any rodents from chewing through and getting into the house.

The technician excluded the garage-shed fully from the inside and attached a one-way rat door to the foundation gap. The rat issue was severe but after extensive exclusion and commercial grade rodenticide treatments the rats have been exterminated from the property and the home is now safe from a rodent invasion.