How To Rat Proof Your House

How To Rat Proof Your House

Rats for some of us seem cute and therefore we might love the idea of keeping them around us as pets. Nonetheless, the idea of rats inhabiting our premises without our will, while they are multiplying themselves in every split second is undoubtedly terrifying. Rats are responsible for causing damages to our properties and transmitting multiple fatal diseases. Therefore, it is of great value to learn how to proof your residence from those little nightmares. If you had any unexpected encounters and you instantly need answers to your questions, a professional at Rat Exterminator Toronto will be more than happy to assist you.

Firstly, you need to become aware of all the possible entry points that rats utilize to invade into your property. The average number of entry points in a residence is around 12 which is quite discouraging when you are looking for a do-it-yourself solution. The actual first step of rat prevention would be the sealing of those locations with materials that rats cannot nibble through, such as steel mesh. Roof rats, one of the most common rat species in Canada, are skilled climbers and they value nesting in parts of your houses that are elevated. That being said, gaps in your ventilation, cracks around your roof and your chimney are places to seal and keep an eye on. Moreover, certain rat species, such as the Norway rats, have a preference in underground narrow, dark and quiet places and thus they construct burrows with interconnected tunnels in our gardens. Keeping your garden tidy and clean from garbage will minimize the possibility of a rat infestation. Make sure you mow your lawn often and that you remove logs, pipes and other objects that seem as perfect hiding places.

Furthermore, pipes and wire lines are the ideal places for the rats to navigate themselves between their scavenging areas and nests. We strongly advise you to purchase and install metal rodent guard in your pipes, it will function as a potent measure against them. Maintaining proper hygiene in your residence will definitely eliminate a possible rat infestation as well. The number one reason that rats invade your property is the abundant and generous source of food and water that you have to provide. For this reason, ensure that food leftovers are always wiped out and your kitchen gets regularly disinfected. Finally, ensure that your house is clutter-free and that you lessen locations that can operate as hiding places and rat nests.

In conclusion, prevention is the greatest solution that you may bring to your possible future problem. The available locations though that these small individuals utilize to come into your house are plenty and reaching them all yourself can be puzzling and time-consuming. Considering the degree of difficulty that might come with locating and sealing these entry points, we highly recommend you to reach Pest Control Toronto for immediate professional assistance!