What are Spiders Attracted to

What are Spiders Attracted to?

More than 800 spider species have been found in Ontario. That’s a lot of spiders! Thankfully, only a small fraction of them are common. The most likely species to invade your home or garden include the house spider, black-footed spider, jumping spider, yellow-sac spider, and wolf spider. As insectivores, spiders are attracted to places where they can easily find other bugs. The key to a spider-free home is to keep those other bugs out. If you have been struggling with a spider problem, reach out to The Exterminators for guaranteed spider control.

Spiders are attracted to warm, humid areas where they can find prey. Basements, attics, crawl spaces, air vents, ceiling corners, gardens, and boat docks are commonly infested with spiders. Anywhere the bugs can be left alone to hunt or catch their prey is an attractive location. Spiders are predators – they go where they can find other bugs. If you feel that there are too many spiders on your property, look for other insects and what may be attracting them. Spiders usually crawl into the house through a hole in the wall or by accident when they are brought in with firewood, clothing, or flowers.

Though spiders are effective at keeping other pests under control, they can be a nuisance with their ghastly appearance. You can get rid of spiders immediately by squashing them with your shoe or by spraying them with a household insecticide. Spider traps are also available, gluing and trapping the spiders that crawl into them. Alternatively, you can safely get rid of a spider by trapping it in a cup, sliding a piece of paper underneath it, then releasing it outside. Spiders usually come in small numbers, so they can be handled one at a time.

To keep spiders out over the long-term, remove what is attracting them in the first place. Anything that attracts flies, for example, will attract the spiders that eat them. Tidy up the home and vacuum on a regular basis. Always clean up after a meal outside and avoid leaving any food out overnight. Turn lights off when it is dark out so that you do not attract mosquitoes. You should also manage your home’s humidity with a dehumidifier. Then, make your home as impenetrable as possible. Fix or replace broken screens and seal the cracks in your window frames and door frames with an expanding foam or caulking.

If you have been witnessing a lot of spider activity, such as a large number of spider webs or hatchlings in your living space, reach out to a local pest remover. A professional can identify the causes of your spider problem and implement a removal program that works for you. The experts at The Exterminators are thoroughly experienced in spider removal and would be happy to help. We use the highest quality pesticides available and guarantee every one of our services. Call The Exterminators today for safe, effective, and affordable spider control within the Greater Toronto Area.