How to Get Rid of Mice On Your Own

How to Get Rid of Mice On Your Own – DIY Solutions

Mice can be a major source of health threats in your home. They can come in several ways, even through unexpected ways such as air conditioners. They carry harmful bacteria that can send you and your family to the hospital bed really fast. On top this, they are destructive. Mice eat foods that are stored in the house and also boreholes into clothes and other household items made of soft materials. Here are some DIY mice control methods that you should consider in your efforts to get rid of them.

1. Block all entry points

The first step towards getting rid of mice is by preventing them from entering your house in the first place. Many houses in Canada have small cracks in the foundation which mice use to gain access to the building. All these holes need to be identified and sealed. The rule of thumb is that if a pencil can pass through a hole or a crack, then it needs to be sealed because a mouse can pass through it as well. However, this could be a daunting task since you may not be able to spot all the cracks in your home. Hiring a professional exterminator could be a better option.

2. Use a mousetrap

Mousetraps are very useful in getting rid of mice. Some people even think about fumigation to get rid of mice. But, can you fumigate for mice? The short answer is absolutely not! There is no legal fumigation treatment for mice. One trap is enough if you are sure that there is only one mouse in the house. However, if there is a colony of mice, then you need to have different mouse traps at different points in the house. When using the mousetrap, make sure you use proper bait as well. The food that they have been eating the most in your home could be used as an adequate mouse bait. In cases where there are large colonies of mice, however, this trick could prove futile. Having mouse traps all over your house could make it uncomfortable for visitors. Visiting every mousetrap in the morning to see if it has caught any mice can be challenging. The professional pest exterminator could help you solve this problem without littering your house with mouse traps. Professionals safely use rodenticide to eliminate all mice in the home. Handling any commercial-grade rat poison on your own is unsafe and prohibited by the law.

3. Sanitation is Key

While keeping your house super clean won’t get rid of mice, leaving it dirty is bound to attract more mice. Mice have very low metabolisms and, as such, need only a little food to get by. Ensure that your house is kept clean and that food waste is sealed, and any leftovers are refrigerated if possible.

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