Case Study: Mice Enter Through Foundational Gap in Toronto

Case Study: Mice Enter Through Foundational Gap in Toronto

The following case study will analyze and recount a mouse infestation in a residential house located in Toronto. The homeowner complained about mouse activity where after a technician was dispatched on-site to conduct an exterior and interior inspection.

Exterior Inspection

The exterior and interior inspection are some of the most important parts during an exclusion process and determine the rest of the tone of the entire case. The technician decides to inspect the entire perimeter carefully and thoroughly.

Mice often take advantage of the wear and tear over the years. This leads to cracks, crevices, and holes which then can serve as entry points to the interior of the house. Finding these entry points is imperative as it pinpoints where the spread took place inside the building. Apart from finding the main entry points, the technician also looks for points that can be easily exploited based on experience and knowledge from other cases. It results in a detailed sheet that will be given to the homeowner for transparent communication!

The technician conducted the exterior of the house and concluded that there were noticeable access points under the foundation at the porch. Finding this is positive, but negative for homeowners as they might wonder how many mice have taken advantage of these foundational gaps.

Mouse entry point foundation
Mice enter through foundational gaps like these. Many of them were found at the porch.

Apart from the foundational gap, the technician also found issues with the window seals and a sealed door as well.

Inside, the situation appeared graver. The technician discovered that there was mouse activity taking place in the two kitchens of the home as well as the basement. This does not come as a surprise at all for those who are experienced. The kitchen is a source of food and water where mice will flock to. The Basement must have been accessed through the foundational gap found earlier where mice spread from.

Initial Measures Taken

The technician also recognized that wall vents were a big problem area. Wall vents can easily provide access for the mice looking for an easy way in. The solution? Installing galvanized steel mesh covers. This material is impenetrable and incredibly durable which makes it perfect for a long-time solution.

vent covers installed
Vent covers are installed to cover exterior vents that can provide an access to the interior

Bait stations were also placed in problem areas. These bait-stations contain rodenticide. Once the rodenticide is eaten, the mice perish.

As for the foundational gaps, these were sealed to make sure that no other rodent or insects wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

entry point seal
The foundational gaps were sealed after the mice population was brought down to zero

Follow-Up Visit.

The technician returns to the residential property and verifies if the exclusion work and sealing still held up. The old stations were refilled with the bait and the exclusion work that was done on the previous visit did its job! The homeowner did not complain about any mouse activity thereafter.


This was a classic example of a mouse infestation. Mice get through the foundational gaps and spread from there on out to the kitchen in order to feed themselves. Mice activity is heard and action is taken. Unfortunately for many people, calling a proper specialist is always the last option while it should have been the first. There are numerous products on the shelves with promises of stopping your mouse infestation with little or no results at all exacerbating the situation. The technician was able to find the very source of the infestation and put a stop to it with no chances of a second re-infestation. Technicians are licensed specialists that have been involved in countless cases. The Exterminators Inc. can help by sending seasoned professionals with more than a decade of experience! Call our customer support specialists now for a free consultation and to schedule a visit to get pests packing!