How Many Cockroach Species Are There?

The Smithsonian Institute answered this very nicely. According to the Smithsonian Magazine there are a staggering 4,500 cockroach species in the world, and out of them 30 species are considered invasive pests! In Canadian households, there are a handful from those 30 species that are often seen in our homes. These are the American, Oriental, and German.  Cockroaches are also vectors of disease which means that they carry and spread viruses that can cause disease wherever they go.

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They can contaminate surfaces by just walking on them. This is not strange considering that cockroaches roam very filthy places for food and water. They roam sewers, garbage fills, the streets until they wind up in residential properties abundant in food and water. This abundance is a huge draw for many pests, and this is why many pests like cockroaches, ants, mice, or even rats are so keen on staying indoors for a long time spawning generations that eventually leads to a full-blown infestation!

Cockroaches are singled out as being the most hated pests because they are hard to get rid of. The cockroach is an incredibly resilient insect where some species can survive temperatures as low as -122 C, can live a week without a head, can live without oxygen without 40 minutes, and can live up to two weeks without water. Cockroaches are thought of by most homeowners as incredibly repulsive insects that need to be exterminated right away.

This prompts a lot of desperate homeowners to go to the store and buy the first and best cockroach repellant on the shelve. The issue with this even is that cockroaches can build a resistance to it over time where the repellant won’t be effective. When homeowners do manage to kill a handful of roaches, they only kill a spec of the entire population. The real issue is out of sight. Far behind the wall is a nest teeming of crawling cockroaches. So what people see crawling in their houses is just the very tip of the iceberg.

Cockroaches are an invasive species that are attracted to the abundance of food and water

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects which means that they are active at nighttime. Most cockroaches are after 3 things: Food, moisture, and grease. These are all found in the kitchen making it a prime destination for these crawling nuisances. The only way to get rid of them completely is to call a reputable pest control service such as The Exterminators Inc. We have fully licensed and certified technicians who are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to declare your residential property or commercial establishment completely cockroach-free.

We work with a target-based approach where we do not just apply formulations at random but strategize and justify each and every action to get maximum results by prioritizing quality over quantity. Our formulations contain active ingredients that are potent enough to take care of the entire population down to the eggs. Only licensed technicians have access to these formulations due to their potency that over-the-counter products do not even come close to.

Thorough knowledge on cockroach behavioral patterns and preferences is a must since every cockroach species needs to be identified before taking action accordingly. Only a seasoned technician can from The Exterminators Inc. Call us now for your next appointment or to receive a free consultation!