Do Essential Oils Repel Cockroaches

Do Essential Oils Repel Cockroaches?

Finding that you have cockroaches in your house is never fun, and getting rid of them can be quite a chore. Infestation may reach such a point that cockroaches will bite residents due to the colony outgrowing its food source. However, what happens if you only occasionally see a bug in your kitchen? Well, most insecticides that you can get from your convenience store are full of toxins, they could have a negative effect if you have pets of children. What you might not know is that there are several ways in which you could get rid of roaches in your home naturally by using natural oils or bay leaves. Some people use bay leaves for roaches.

Essential oils are popular due to their aromatic characteristics. However, it is not until recently that homeowners realized they could be used as a natural repellent for cockroaches. Essential oils are extracted from plants and used in manufacturing food flavourings as well as perfumes. A fascinating aspect is that essential oils can act as effective cockroach repellents. Often, their strong fragrance is very irritating to these tiny creepers forcing them to move elsewhere. A benefit of using essential oils as a cockroach repellent is that aroma produced prevents the insects from entering the treated area. Essential oils have been tested and have very little toxicity towards humans, making it safe for use in the home. In case you have a bad infestation, then it might be a good idea to call a professional cockroach removal expert to help you get rid of your problem.

Turning essential oils into repellents

Getting rid of cockroaches is never an easy task for homeowners, especially if they have children. Using chemicals is not always a good idea when you have pets and young ones. Chemical cockroach repellents can toxify surfaces which could lead to future complications to humans. The following are a few natural oils that can be used to deter cockroaches from your house.

Cypress and peppermint oil

These oils are easily accessible at your local shop and can be used to make homemade cockroach repellent in less than five minutes. What you need to do is mix half a cup of salt water with about eight drops of cypress oil and ten drops of peppermint oil. Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle and spray in areas that cockroaches frequent in your home.

Flavoured tea tree oil mix

It is not as simple as other oil repellent recipes; you might need to add a few more ingredients to get maximum results. First, you will need to add about 25 drops of mint oil and mix it with the tea tree oil, cucumbers and bay leaves. All of the ingredients in this mixture are cockroach repellents when mixed; the effect overwhelms the bug. Just make sure you spray the solution in cervices, dark corners, and areas where they are known to frequent.

Fragrant Mint oil

Mint essence has never been a favourite to insects. You will need to add about 25 drops of mint essential oil in one cup of water and mix it well. This is the only thing you will have to do to get your natural repellent ready. Make sure that you spray this solution in areas where you suspect and have seen cockroaches at least once a week. This will deter the cockroaches.

In case you suspect you have a cockroach infestation in your home, it’s important that you have a professional check it out. Natural methods work best when the pests are controlled. Call The Exterminators inc. a professional pest control company and we will be able to get rid of your cockroach problem. Call 647-496-2211.