How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Using Poison

How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Using Poison

Mice are pesky, dirty, and a risk to the health of you and your family. The sooner they are out of your home, the better! They get in through multiple ways, even though air conditioners. So, how to get rid of mice without using poison or snap-traps or without calling a professional exterminator? Well, it is worth a try, most of our customers try to exterminate mice before they call us. Keep in mind that the cost of doing it yourself will add up and of course there is no guarantee.  We have listed a few ways our customers try to get rid of your annoying vermin issue on their own…with very limited success. When everything else fails, and it will, call The Exterminators for professional mouse control services. We offer chemical and non-chemical mouse control services.

The solution to getting rid of mice without poison #1 – Snap traps. They work. You will need lots of them to keep the population down.

Solution to getting rid of mice without poison #2 – Get live traps. Most pest-control specialists and extermination companies have access to Sherman live traps. These are basically metal boxes with an activated trap-door that captures the animal once it walks in. Completely non-toxic and humane, these work beautifully as the animal doesn’t get hurt at all and you get rid of your pest problem without getting your hands dirty or bloody. Use some food as bait and you will be finished with your mice issue soon enough.

The solution to getting rid of mice without poison #3 – Seal all entry points. Another very effective solution for getting rid of mice would be sealing all their entry points and blocking them with steel, wool, wood, and filler material. We provide detailed instructions on how to seal mice entry points here. Figure out where the pesky critters are entering your house from and put an end to it.  Behind the stove, the attic, basement, crevices – make sure you cover each and every possibility.

The solution to getting rid of mice without poison #4 – Get a cat. If and only if you are an animal lover, get a cat. Cats are sworn mice enemies and will hunt down each and every little creature in your home. But cats have needs and like all animals they require love, attention, care and protection. So if you or someone in your family has the time and attention for a pet, only then should you think of buying or adopting one.

The solution to getting rid of mice without poison #5 – The ruler method. Take a ruler or a paint stirrer and stick some peanut butter on it at one end and top it with a few nuts.This is your bait.  Balance it on a kitchen counter so that half of it is over the counter and the bait half is on top of a trash can. Mice will try to get to the food, will topple over and fall right into the trash.

Out of all 5, this is the most effective, humane, non-toxic and easiest method you can implement for kicking out mice from your home. These are all simple tricks you can apply to protect your house from mice and keep the pest problem at bay.

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