Can Home Remedies Kill Bed Bugs

Can Home Remedies Kill Bed Bugs? – No

Can Home Remedies Kill Bed Bugs?

The short answer is No if you are dealing with full-blown in bed bug infestation. Will dry cleaning kill bed bugs? Some methods like washing and dry cleaning your clothes can kill bed bugs on your clothes, but they will come back since the source of the infestation is unknown and they reproduce very fast.  However, the best way for remedying bed bugs is hiring a company that has experience in controlling bed bugs successfully. Unfortunately, most people spend time and money trying to deal with a bed bug problem on their own.

Determine the areas infested by bed bugs

Bedrooms can be the primary location for bed bugs; nevertheless, any place that people find some sleep may act as a haven for the bed bugs. Living rooms furnished with sofas and beds are the subsequent places that the bed bugs love to hide. Normally an infestation occurs in one room and spreads to the other rooms. The sooner someone finds and treats bed bugs the easier he will get rid of these pests.

One should not throw his bed away

It is unnecessary for someone to throw his bedding or beds away. In fact, replacing the missing beds can be quite expensive to anyone. In addition, the chances of the new beds, mattresses, or box springs being re-infested are high. Someone would rather use the money in hiring a professional instead of replacing the missing mattresses and beds. If you need any reputable bed bug service to shine a light on your infestation, look no further than Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto.

Treating other areas at home

The remedy is by far the most exacting that someone can come up with to control bed bugs. If someone catches the infestation early, he need not do anything else other than treating and isolating his bed. However, if bed bugs have spread to the other rooms, bed isolation may not solve the case. In this instance, treating other areas is the best fit.

If you would like a professional exterminator to verify activity please call 647-496-2211. We also feature a variety of bed bug related products such as mattress covers and bed bug monitors. At Pest Control Toronto we use a combination of different treatments to eradicate the problem completely. Steam is used to eliminate the bed bugs and their eggs, while commercial-grade insecticides prevent any from coming back. If you have any questions about bed bugs, feel free to give us a call.