Health Problems Fleas Cause In Pets

Fleas are very known parasites that mostly live off the blood of mainly house pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and more can be affected by them. When dogs and cats have fleas, you might see their behaviour change drastically. If you notice any unusual behaviour in your pests such as agitation or restlessness, your pet may…

Can You Get Fleas From Pests - Rats and Mice

Can You Get Fleas From Pests – Rats and Mice?

There are various types of pets that can invade our homes. Some prime examples are rats and mice. Collectively known as rodents, they are destructive, dangerous and notoriously difficult to control. Their biological makeup and instinctive habits make these rodents fairly challenging to eliminate on your own. Therefore, if you suspect that you could be…

How Can You Get Fleas Pets and Pests

How Can You Get Fleas – Pets and Pests

Have you noticed some pesky bugs inside your home or workplace? These are probably fleas brought in by your pets. These bloodsuckers will give you sleepless nights with the fear of carrying them around causing you unimaginable psychological torture. But how can you get fleas? Let’s take a look at some common ways your pet,…

Natural Flea Treatment Ideas For Your Home

Natural Flea Treatment Ideas For Your Home

Anyone who has ever suffered infestation understands that you have to fight fleas from many angles to control and exterminate these nuisance pests. Fleas have thin, flat bodies, and hard shells. It means that to kill them you need to squeeze them between two hard surfaces or fingernails. In most cases, where there is one,…

Differences Between Fleas and Bed Bugs

Fleas and Bed Bugs Differences

Fleas are commonly mixed up with bed bugs, but there are significant differences between the two that can help you determine which pest you have in your home and what to do about it. If you see any kind of bugs in your home continuously please call professional pest control services. 

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

Research shows that fleas are among the most annoying insects in Toronto. They are not only embarrassing but also carry disease-causing microorganisms. Once a house has been infested with fleas, it will no longer be the comfortable haven it ought to be. This short article suggests safe ways to manage a flea infestation in the…

bed bugs vs fleas

Signs of Bed Bugs and Fleas – Fleas vs. Bed Bugs Bites

In terms of domestic pest control, bugs and fleas can be among the most difficult to diagnose.  Both enter the home from the exterior, both are very minuscule in size and both cause irritating bites that affect humans.  These two insects, however, are very different in terms of both diagnosis and treatment.  As such it…