Where Do Bed Bugs Hide in Furniture

Can Bed Bugs Live in Furniture other Than Beds? – Yes

Bed bugs are tiny and reddish brown in color. They breed and multiply in warm environments. They lay numerous eggs which hatch into young tiny begs bugs undergoing complete metamorphosis. Normally, a female bed bug lays an egg each day and may lay up to one hundred eggs in a single life cycle.

Bed bugs lay their eggs in crevices, under beds, bed joints, in rugs, wooden furniture and in the mattress. and other warm but hidden places in the house. Do bed bugs like wood? We will try to answer this question in this article. These pests feed mainly on human blood and the blood of other creatures such as pests. When they invade a home, beg bugs can cause a lot of havoc and sleepless nights.

Anyone who has ever had experience with bed bugs knows how painful their stings are. Beg bugs can live in different places in the house. Other than living in the bed, mattresses, and rugs, they can also live and multiply on crevices in the wall, live in furniture, chairs, and tables, under carpets, and even in unkempt cloths in the cabinets.

In the house, bed bags can live in numerous hidden places that offer easy access to their hosts, human beings, and other small creature. Their flat bodies make it is easier for the pests to hide in tiny cracks like bed and couch joints, in pillow cases, and many other places in the home. However, their most favored habitat is the bed where they hunt for blood easily at night when lights are off and people are sleeping. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, contact Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto for safe and effective treatment.

Regardless of where they choose to live in the house, the good news is that bed bugs are manageable both naturally and artificially. Artificially, one can buy commercial pesticides and spray off the bed bugs from their hiding places, or use other natural remedies of killing the pests such ironing beddings, using hot water to kill the pests among others.

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