Can Bed Bugs Climb Plastic and Metal

Can Bed Bugs Climb Plastic and Metal?

Bed bugs are highly adaptable insects that have been a bother to humans and animals for millions of years. While they don’t carry diseases, these little vampires leave itchy bite marks and cause psychological distress that keeps people up at night. They seemingly appear in our homes out of thin air. So, how agile are these animals? How do they go from place to place? For whatever bed bug concerns you may have, feel free to reach out to pest removal Toronto.

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that hide during the day and come out at night to feed on the blood of their sleeping victims. These bugs are reddish brown in colour and have flat, oval-shaped bodies. Mattresses and bed frames are their preferred places of residence, but they can also be found in the furniture surrounding the bed, such as nightstands and dressers. Bed bugs are also commonly found in public spaces such as movie theatres, lecture halls, libraries, and public transit vehicles. To get around, bed bugs cling to the fabrics of people’s clothing, furniture, and luggage.

While it is more difficult than climbing wood or fabric, bed bugs can absolutely climb plastic and metal. Like many other insects, bed bugs can climb walls and other flat surfaces. Bed bugs dislike the cold of metal and plastic materials, but they can climb them all the same. Sleeping in a metal or plastic bed frame will not protect you from bed bugs. What you can do instead is cover your mattress with an encasement to protect it from bed bugs and inspect any used furniture or clothing that you bring in the house. Vacuum the bedroom often and remove any unnecessary clutter from the room.

If you think there might be bed bugs in your home, look where the bed bugs may be hiding. Lift your mattress of its bed frame and check its seams. Look in the joints of the bed frame and within the box spring or slats under the mattress. You can also check the artwork on the wall, or within the power outlets or night tables. You may also find feces during your search. Bed bug droppings are tiny, brown or black specks that usually appear in clusters. Check your sheets for any blood stains and look for bite marks on your arms, neck, hands, legs, or feet. Bite marks are small, red, and itchy bumps on the skin.

Bed bugs get around very easily and their resilient nature makes them a nightmare to deal with. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home or place of work, do not hesitate to call The Exterminators. Our technicians deal with bed bugs all the time. We use a combination of professional-grade insecticides and steam treatments to reach every bed bug at every stage of the lifecycle. Call pest extermination (647-496-2211) today for the safest and most effective bed bug treatment.