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How Fast Can a Minor Mouse Problem Turn Into an Infestation

The presence of a mouse inside the home may be commonplace sometimes, but that is no reason to treat the problem lightly. These rodents pose a serious threat to the well being and health of humans. Especially households with small children should ensure that immediate action is taken to get rid of the mouse problem. It can snowball into a major concern if not taken care of. That is why you need to contact the Exterminators and set up a mouse control service.

The question is how fast can a minor mouse problem turn into an infestation? The answer is scarier than you might imagine. The reproduction cycle of mice is such that they give birth up to eight times a year, with fix or six in a litter. That means a few months are enough to infest your home.

Health Concerns

Mice carry about 35 diseases, and many of them are known to be fatal to humans. They can spread through a number of ways: direct handling of rodents, mouse feces, saliva or through ticks found on mice. Gnawing and nest building can cause structural problems in the building you are occupying. It can also be difficult to find these nests later on. They also contaminate food items which might be consumed by humans later on. This can lead to infections and serious health problems, especially among children.

Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Traps: These are considered the most effective and humane way of getting rid of the pests. There are traps which capture the animal alive, so you can set it free outside later on.

Poison: Poison can be the most effective method however they can unknowingly get consumed by other pets or small children. It is also not very safe to use it in the kitchen as your foodstuff might get infected. It is imperative when poisons are used that they are in well sealed containers. Home Remedies: Mice can also be controlled by using certain substances that repel mice. Peppermint oils, mothballs and ammonia have been known to get rid of mice. These remedies can be helpful but only for the short run.

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