What are the causes of a rat infestation?

Are Rat Droppings Dangerous?

Its no secret that rats spread disease, they have been blamed for the plague after all. A rat infestation is a serious business and this is why.

Rat poop is super dangerous and have you ever wondered what does rat poop look like? It’s easy to identify rat poop; they are skinny pellets that are about 3/8-inch-long and about 1/8 inch in diameter, with rounded tips with a slight bulge in the center but not always. It can cause a massive number of illnesses like rat-bite fever which you get from eating food contaminated with rat poop or urine.

That’s not all it can infect you with. You can get the Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic fever, Tularemia, and more. The list goes on and on because rats are loaded with the disease. Most of the diseases you can catch are fatal if not treated quickly, so if you see a rat, or catch one in a trap, don’t touch it, especially not with your bare hands.

A rat infestation won’t just leave droppings in your cutlery drawers and on the floor, it will be in your insulation and all over your attic as well. Preventive measures you can undertake to include finding out what potential rat entry-points could look like. A rat infestation that is left unchecked could result in you having to tear out all your walls, pull out all your insulation, sterilize behind the walls and then install new insulation and drywall all just because you had rats. It is therefore important to know how to deal with a rat infestation.

Nothing is safe from rat droppings, your food is the greatest danger. Nothing is safe, they can even chew their way into your refrigerator. There is nothing worse than rats. Rats infest your home and can build a nest with dirt and disease and getting rid of them can be Hell! But we at Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc. have good news, we can send those rats packing in just a few simple steps.

We will send our highly skilled technician to your home where he will perform a full external inspection of the entire property, from holes in the foundation to damaged siding. Our technicians are not only rat extermination geniuses, but they are also fully prepared for any contingency.

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