Are rats more aggressive than mice?

Are Rats More Aggressive than Mice?

To answer the above question in short, yes, rats are indeed way more aggressive than mice. This is due to their territorial nature when faced with an enemy. This can be seen in their different behaviour when faced with a threat. When mice are faced with a threat, they are likely to scurry away, whereas rats, are most likely to be aggressive and will most likely try to attack by biting you, therefore, it is not advised when you see a rat in your property to try and catch it with your bare hands. You also should know about what attracts mice to your home to deal with the infestation fast. It is best to contact a reputable and professional rat exterminator service in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home pest-free as soon as possible!

A risk associated with coming across rats is that they are known to be carriers of many diseases which literally makes them a walking reservoir. Rats are known to carry the hantavirus which is very prevalent in North America as well as South America and can be transmitted through feces, urine, and even through salvia which can result in a serious set of symptoms after one or two weeks of exposure and can include difficulty in breathing which later can be fatal. It is for this very reason, to contact a professional pest control service based in the Greater Toronto Area to take care of this problem as soon as possible as they are sources of harmful bacteria. not only are they a danger to your health,  rats, and mice, but are also both very destructive rodents by nature. Rats for example can infest your home and build a rats nest inside your house they will gnaw through plastic wood and will raid your sources of food while contaminating it at the same time it is therefore very important to seek immediate contact with a reputable pest control service located in the Greater Toronto Area so that the problem can be resolved swiftly preventing substantial material and bodily harm. Do not try to confront a rodent in any way as they might feel threatened and go on the attack or can attack your pets as well.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, any suspicion of rodent presence must be reported as soon as possible to prevent the contraction of the COVID-19. As we all are going through a turbulent time with the majority of us staying at home to curb the spread of the virus, it is in our best interest to supplement our valued customers with the best care in mind. Technicians from Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Incwill wear personal protective equipment per request to make you feel more safe and comfortable while we are treating your property.