SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Interceptor


Package Includes:

  • 4 Sensci Volcano Bed Bug Interceptors
  • 4 SenSci Activ Bed Bug Lure

Monitor For Insects

Protect Your Furniture From Bed bugs

The SenSci Volcano Bed bug trap is a device used to monitor and trap bed bugs. Although there is nothing revolutionary about the concept, most of these devices are designed for single use. This can significantly raise the cost of DIY bed bug control. The Sensci is designed for multiple use and functions including early detection, monitoring the population and preventing bed bugs from attacking while you sleep.

The SenSci Volcano is a free-standing interception device that can be placed beside the legs of furniture and beds as well as along walls and baseboards.

The SenSci Volcano can help detect bed bugs in a specific environment in addition to decrease the number of bites a person may be experiencing by catching bed bugs at the monitor.

SenSci Volcanos are all pitfall-styled interception apparatus, which means bed bugs will creep up the track’s sides and fall into the “pitfall” of the trap where they can’t escape.

SenSci Volcanos can discover the presence of bed bugs over the course of 4 weeks. • If using the SenSci Activ lure with the Volcano, the non-toxic bait has a radius of 2-3 feet and may last up to 90 days.

SenSci Bed Bug Trap Features

SenSci sports a minimalist design, comprising of only two pieces so assembly is simple and straightforward. This bed bug trap measures at 3x3x1 inches so you can use it virtually anywhere. It has a volcano shape, a well thought-out design feature that ensures trapped bed bugs don’t escape and prevents dust from building up inside the structure. The SenSci exterior walls are textured which makes it easy for bed bugs to climb on and into the trap. The interior walls on the other hand are flat-faced and smooth so the trapped bugs can’t escape. Finally, the bottom of the trap has a clear, concave and detachable window that allows you to inspect what’s going on inside the trap.

How to Use Sensci Volcano Bed Bug Trap

Assembly is straightforward but make sure you see the “Made in USA” markings from left to right.The ideal places to use the trap include by furniture legs or bed, carpet edges, room corners and along baseboards. Pick up the volcano and tilt it slightly, peering through the clear window underneath the trap to check if you have bed bugs. Focus on the corners because this is where trapped bed bugs tend to congregate. If you find bed bugs inside the trap, flip it up-side-down over a bathtub or sink and tap the bottom lightly to empty the contents. Inspect the trap before replacing it. You may need place the trap in various locations if you don’t find any bed bugs inside.

You can also use the SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Trap as an active monitor by pouring attractant inside the trap. The attractant mimics human sweat to draw bedbugs into the trap. This volcano trap is a great solution for a low-level bed bug infestation or simply for confirming your suspicion that you have an active bed bug problem. Call a professional Toronto bed bug exterminator for a serious bed bug infestation or if DIY pest control hasn’t been effective. Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate even for a professional but is possible with an experienced exterminator.