How to Keep Mice Out of Your HVAC System

How to Keep Mice Out of Your HVAC System

Yes, mice might find their way even in modern homes within the heating vents of your HVAC system. Mice use ductwork as a shelter and a passage between other areas of your home to get to different areas of the house unnoticed. There are serval ways to keep mice away from your HVAC system these include setting traps. If you are experiencing a rodent problem, call Mouse Control Toronto 

By opening the heating vents and placing a mousetrap inside the ducts at each vent. Usually normal traps work such as your traditional spring-loaded trap and bait such as peanut butter, cheese, or dried fruit will often lure the mice towards the trap. The second method involves preventing access. Check for gaps and entry points such as cracks in the roof or a foundational gap in other locations. You can attach wired mesh over these gaps. To first get to the bottom of this you should first determine where exactly they enter from. To save time and money it is advised to hire a technician. The third solution is to have to ductwork repaired. Rodents remaining in the system for a long time cause significant damage between the segments of the ductwork. They can be very troublesome as they can leave behind

feces and urine. This in turn can be blown out and the airborne particles can transfer serious diseases.

If you suspect any rodent presence, it is recommended that you hire a local reputable professional pest control service in the Greater Toronto area to serve you in a timely matter. The technician can perform a full exterior and interior inspection of the whole property and can give you advice based on experience and training as to where structurally prone areas have located that need to be sealed up to prevent a future rodent infestation. After treatment you should see a decrease in rodent population after a few weeks, and should not notice any rodents In a short time after. If you suspect rodent activity taking place in or outside of your property it is highly advised to call a professional pest control company immediately to deal with the rodent issue at hand and to make rodents a thing of the past!