How To Find Common Mice Entry Points

How To Find Common Mice Entry Points

Mice are capable of compressing their bodies. They can squeeze themselves through holes a quarter the size of their bodies. This lets them enter a home through nearly any entryway. Through the slats of a vent, through a tiny hole in the foundation, anything at all that is even slightly damaged is an entrance for a mouse.

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The best thing you can do is to call in professionals to regularly seal entry points around your home. A roofer can repair any tiny holes in your roof and an exclusion technician can seal off your drip edge, cover vents, and exclude areas of your foundation with steel mesh or flashing. There is no limit to what can be sealed off and you should take advantage of all of it. However, that is not all you will have to do to prevent mice from entering your home. The most common way a mouse gets into a home is through a back door that has been left open. They will sneak in, totally unnoticed and find a place to nest and that will be it, you will have a mouse infestation that will grow rapidly as the mice grow fat on your food stores. 

Hoarders. Hoarders are people that try to save everything. They don’t throw away anything no matter how trivial. The danger in hoarding, even just a little hoarding, maybe you have a closet stuffed with clothes and boxes, maybe your basement is full of old newspapers, or perhaps you have a room filled to the ceiling with boxes of energy bars and snack food. Any amount of clutter welcomes mice into your home. Cardboard boxes are an invitation to nest and newspaper is their favorite nesting material. They will infest every cluttered area in your home because they know that you cant find them. They are aware that this is a place you rarely come to, a full closet, the cluttered basement, no one wants to go to these places, but the mice will, they will live in the clutter for generations. They will never leave, so you must make them. 

The best way to keep mice away is to shop for food weekly and keep only what you need in the kitchen. Store dry goods in plastic tupaware containers, thick plastic, not the disposable ones. Make sure everything that can go into the fridge goes in the fridge. Bottles of liquid-like condiments and salad dressing often leak and get wet with sauce or oil. This can feed a hoard of mice for years, one leaky bottle. So if you have mice, the first step in getting rid of them is to clear out anything and everything you do not need right now.