How to prevent mice entering my old home?

Do All Old Houses Have Mice?

Old houses do not all have mice, but the chance of getting mice is very big. Mice have the ability to squeeze through gaps, cracks, and holes the size of a quarter. Mice cannot enter if they do not have somewhere to pass through. This is why it is important to have your old houses sealed.  The most common infestation in old houses is mice.

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They are long term residence and they do not pay rent. When a mouse family moves into a home they move in permanently. Unlike rats who live outside and constantly need to drink water to stay wet and moisturized, mice can go for years without water and will survive on crumbs so small you can’t even see them. Mice take up residence generally at the bottom of a home. They quickly multiply and slowly move up to the next floor and so on. Eventually, they will be living on every floor of the house and every wall and every hideaway. They will continue to multiply and invisibly hunt for food as mice do, they will ruin your home with feces and fill your insulation with urine. Their urine and feces can cause many dangerous illnesses so if you have had them for years you should go to a walk-in clinic right away to get you blood tested and if you feel ill you should go straight to the hospital, preferably in an ambulance, if you have hantavirus, the most common virus caused by mice you will not be able to drive a car so call 911 and have them take you to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Mice will never leave your home once they are inside a wall or space where they can live. They breed very quickly and grow quickly. If you have them in your home there are a few things you can do to kill them. 

The strangest one is human hair. Humans have a very strange type of hair that is not shared by very many species. Our hair is often thin and straight or thick and curly. Either type will work fine. Collect some hair from a hairdresser and sprinkle it all over the floor, all over the house. I know it is not a pretty sight but this could solve your rodent problem on its own. Mice have no gag reflex, if something enters their throat that they cant swallow, like a hair, they will choke and die right away. For this reason, mice avoid human hair like the plague. They refuse to step on it and if they cant step anywhere in the house they will eventually starve to death. 

Now it is important to mention that mice can die in the walls safely and not be a hazard. Mice have nearly no water in them and when they die they rapidly desiccate. This means you can use poison to kill them instead of traps. They will die in the walls and leave no smell and no bacteria.