Will a Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

The short answer is yes, it can. Bed bugs of all life stages die when exposed to temperatures of around 104 to 122 Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes. So putting your bed sheets in a dryer on medium to high settings can kill all bed bugs regardless of their life stages. This is a good way of killing whatever bed bugs are infesting your sheets and mattresses.

Unfortunately, eliminating bed bugs on your bed sheets by putting them in a dryer is not a permanent solution, and this is because bed bugs can thrive in several places and not just underneath your bed sheets. So even though you can eliminate them from your bed sheets with the help of a dryer, you can’t apply the same to other areas where they breed.

Why Dryers Are Not Enough to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Most bed bugs hide under mattress covers and bed linens, but they can thrive in other areas as well. They can breed in backpacks, shoes, purses and even old clothes in a cabinet, In certain cases, they might be next in stacks of paper, stuffed animals and any dirty item where they are free to breed. All these items are potential breeding grounds for bed bugs, and unless these are all eliminated, the bed bugs will continue to breed and multiply.

So even though a dryer can kill some of the bed bugs in your bed sheets, it won’t kill off all of them. Some will survive, and shortly after they replenish their numbers. They will start to infesting your bed sheets all over again, which is why drying can never be a practical solution against the bed bug infestations, especially large ones.

Why You Need Professionals to Eliminate the Bed Bugs in Your Home

The only way to permanently remove bed bugs is by contacting professional bed bug control company in Toronto to deal with your problem. Not only can they remove most of the adult bed bugs, but they can also identify potential breeding grounds in your bedroom.

Bed bugs breed quickly, and they can quickly re-infest your mattresses and bed sheets even after you have put them in a dryer. Unfortunately, bed bug eggs are the size of dust, so it’s almost impossible for untrained people to find the breeding grounds on their own.

A professional, however, can do that, and if your home is suffering from the infestation, then they can help provide you the permanent solution to your problems.

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