Carpenter Ants in Walls

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Walls

Although carpenter ants aren’t as destructive as termites, the structural damage can be just as severe if the ant infestation is left to go on long enough. You can tell that there carpenter ants in the wall by spotting the ants going in and out of the wall through a hole. You may also hear a faint, rustling noise inside your walls. Also, check common signs of carpenter ant infestation. It is best to contact professional ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

Follow the ants to find out where they are nesting. Once you have identified the nest, drill holes on either side of the ant’s entry point about 2-6 feet. Make the holes roughly 1/8 inch and treat the holes with a residual or dust insecticide. Use an aerosol can with a crack and crevice tip to apply the insecticide. Meanwhile, resolve the problem of what attracted the ants in the first place. Fix the moisture problems including plumbing and leaks. Repair or replace rotting or water damaged wood. Insulate your home while paying special attention to openings and cracks in the foundation where the ants can come in. Trim trees and branches touching the house and keep a well-maintained lawn.

Call a Professional Exterminator

Carpenter ants in Toronto are extremely difficult to get rid of even for seasoned exterminators. A successful treatment can take up to one year depending on the nature and scale of the infestation. DIY is ill-advised and often simply worsens the problem.

Even if you are sure that the ants are nesting in your walls, there is no guarantee that this is the only colony. Carpenter ants create multiple colonies known as Satellites. What you are treating may simply be one of many colonies and is a useless undertaking in the grand scheme of things.

Over-the-counter ant dusts and poisons may have convincing brand names and make excessive claims but these have consistently been proven to be ineffective. They simply don’t contain the level of potency of the chemicals used by professional exterminators. Treating voids, crevices and holes, it is also difficult if not impossible without the proper equipment.

Only a professional ant exterminator can identify all the nests and use the most appropriate treatment for the type of infestation. The chemicals, although potent for carpenter ants, are safe for humans and the environment. Getting rid of carpenter ants is a labour intensive and painstaking process and only a professional can guarantee successful pest control services.

The Exterminators Inc. will also assist in preventing a future infestation which in itself is a difficult task. Ask for a warranty for the extermination for at least 6 months warranty. As we all are dealing with the immediate effects due to the coronavirus outbreak, our technicians at The Exterminators Inc – Pest Control Toronto have taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety and comfort of all our customers.