Why Cockroaches like Cardboard

Why Cockroaches like Cardboard

You may have heard that cockroaches will eat anything. As highly adaptable creatures, cockroaches can survive on a variety of foods. They can even go for months without eating anything at all. So, it comes as no surprise that cockroaches are attracted to cardboard. These boxes provide cockroaches with places to hide and a plant-based material that they can eat. If you’ve spotted a cockroach in your home, reach out to Cockroach Control Toronto and we can help you out. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal, so they like to hide in the dark during the day. As these little brown pests prefer moist environments, they’re commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, hiding behind cabinets and appliances. These rooms provide cockroaches with lots of places to hide and lots of food to eat. As omnivores, cockroaches will eat almost anything. They like to eat meats, sweets, starches, and decaying matter. Cockroaches also like to eat things that we can’t like toothpaste, soap, and cardboard. So, cockroaches will eat whatever they find in your home. 

The reason cockroaches like cardboard is because of its starchy composition and its ability to shelter the insects. In the wild, cockroaches recycle decaying plants and animals by breaking them down into waste that nourishes the soil. So, as cardboard is made of plants, it is natural for cockroaches to want to eat them. Wet cardboard is even better because it is softer, and it helps hydrate the cockroaches at the same time. It’s not uncommon to find cockroaches in storage rooms full of cardboard boxes, especially in restaurants where there is a lot of moisture and other foods nearby. 

There are some things you can do to help avoid a cockroach infestation. First, you should reduce clutter. Don’t leave any cardboard boxes lying around. Keep the home clean and tidy. Do the dishes every day, and clean the kitchen sink, counters, and other surfaces on a regular basis. Vacuum your home regularly so as not to leave any crumbs on the ground. You should also check sinks and pipes for any leakages. Remember that cockroaches love humidity, so try not to leave any surfaces wet. If you’re moving out of an infested area and you’re worried about bringing the roaches with you in cardboard boxes, inspect all of your items carefully before you pack them. Buy new cardboard boxes instead of used ones you can get from stores. You should also try to use plastic, sealable bins instead. Put small appliances in clear plastic bags. 

If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation, you will need professional help to get rid of them. Cockroaches are excellent at hiding and surviving with very little to eat. At The Exterminators Inc., we use the best insecticides to remove every single cockroach from your home and to prevent them from coming back. Our services are back by our 3 and 6-month warranties so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done. Call Toronto pest control today.