What Attracts Cockroaches to the Bedroom

What Attracts Cockroaches to the Bedroom

Cockroaches are unsightly creatures that pose a threat to your health and wellbeing. These pests carry parasites and diseases that risk poisoning your food and making you sick. They may even bite you in your sleep! Though they aren’t commonly found in the bedroom, cockroaches will make their way from the kitchen to the bedroom if there is no intervention. Cockroaches must be stopped as soon as possible to stop this from happening. If you’ve spotted cockroaches in the bedroom and need help, call Cockroach Control Toronto now. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal, omnivorous insects that seek warm, humid shelter. There are thousands of different species of cockroach in the world, but only about 30 of them infest human habitats. The most common species in Canada is the German cockroach, which likes to invade people’s kitchens and bathrooms. This roach is characterized by the two black stripes that run down its back. The German cockroach is glossy and brown, with an oval-shaped body that measures up to 16mm in length. Cockroaches breed alarmingly fast – one female can produce as many as 300 offspring within half a year.  

Seeing cockroaches in the bedroom usually signifies an advanced infestation and as you can notice some cockroach bite on your arms and lags. Here you can read more about a cockroach bite. Cockroaches can easily go in the mattress and stay there. This is because German cockroaches prefer the kitchen and will only spread out once there are too many of them in that room. Cockroaches can even spread so far as to infest your clothes as well where the dryer comes in handy. Nothing, in particular, attracts cockroaches to the bedroom unless there is a lot of food and moisture. German cockroaches travel from one room to the next by crawling through the walls or simply by walking through the door. The key to stopping cockroaches from entering the bedroom is to make the room unattractive to them and to eliminate the root colony with the help of a professional. 

To reduce the likelihood of cockroaches infesting the bedroom, restrict mealtime to the kitchen or dining room. Stop eating food in the bedroom. Develop good cleaning habits, such as storing dirty clothes in a hamper and doing the laundry on a regular basis. Reduce the amount of clutter you have in the bedroom and throughout the home to reduce the number of potential hiding spots. This will also make cleaning easier. Vacuum regularly and take out the garbage every night. In the kitchen, make sure to do the dishes every day and keep surfaces clean and dry. Store food away safely.

Store-bought traps and pesticides are not enough to eliminate an infestation that is already present. You will need the help of a professional. At The Exterminators Inc., we use a specialized tool that sprays an ultra-light volume mist in those hard-to-reach areas where cockroaches hide. This mist is safe to use in any room in the house and it eliminates the cockroaches immediately. Our technicians are experienced and know where to target the pests directly. You can trust that our services will stop the pests from coming back with our 3 and 6-month warranties. Contact a pest control company in Toronto today for a free quote.