What are the causes of a rat infestation?

What are the causes of a rat infestation?

There are many reasons as to why your house is experiencing a rat infestation or why rats would be harboring in your house in the first place. Rats have many reasons to enter your house. One of the principal reasons why rats are in your house is because of the abundance of food and like any animal rats are always in the search of food given that most houses have the opportunity to have easy access to food. It is best to contact a reputable professional pest control service in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home pest-free as soon as possible!

Another reason why you might be experiencing a rat infestation,  is due to the fact that some older buildings, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, have some structural damage, meaning that rats can gain access through crevices, holes, and cracks. Basements have hollow parts in the wall which they can chew through which can you give them access to inside. Another reason why rats are in your house is because of the amount of clutter. Rats are known to hide behind everything they can find as they are very resourceful rodents. One of the most common reasons why rats enter your house is because scraps are left out in the open, which is more than good enough reason to go inside the house.

Sources of food include garbage bins scraps, compost, and even pet food which will also attract mice and rats like. This is important for restaurants because knowing how to keep your business mouse and rat-free is essential.  If you spot a live animal inside of your property, or see any signs of damage done to any of your household appliances, walls, wiring, and other items in your house then you might be dealing with a rat infestation. It cannot be stressed enough that rats are highly unsanitary as they are known to be around places that are just unhygienic, and because of that, they carry many diseases with them as they go from place to place. It is for that reason very advisable to contact your local pest control service like Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc as soon as possible when you see a live animal or droppings.

With the coronavirus epidemic going on,  our technicians have taken enhanced measures to ensure your safety and comfort during our treatment session, meaning that we will wear personal protective equipment per request to make you and those who live around you feel more at ease as we collectively try to curb the spread of COVID -19.