Can rats and mice cohabit peacefully?

Can rats and mice cohabit peacefully?

Even though these two species of rodents seem to have not much difference in between them, rats and mice cannot co-habitate peacefully. This is due to the fact of their two very different natures in which they tend to settle themselves in.  The reason for this being is that, when rats and mice are put together they usually fight and can eat each other. The rat who is much bigger in size may appear to be very territorial in comparison to the small mouse. This will cause the rat to fight the mouse over their territory in which the mouse already will have for a lost battle over. Another reason why mice and rats cannot get along is that when mice spot a small enough pray they will, sure enough, indulge, for instants,  small baby rats if they are given the opportunity. another reason why mice and rats cannot call habitat is due to the fact that they set their nests up in very different environments. Mice are a type of rodent species that seek the shelter of the indoors and get finds its way through several ways including the AC, but can mice climb walls to get into the AC unit?  whereas rats are resistant enough to survive the harsh cold climate of outdoor.  Rats when faced with a competitor kill mice. It is a behavior known as muricide. It is best to contact a reputable professional mice control service in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home pest-free as soon as possible!

This type of behavior is known as a form of predatory behavior where rats hunt, kill, and eat mice. According to a study done in 1956, it has been shown that 71% of wild rats and 12% of domestic rats kill mice. Rats are known, As mentioned before, to be extremely territorial in nature, and will eat anything including mice to survive. Mice and rats when they are face-to-face, and compete for the same food source might eat from the same source if food is in abundance however, This can be considered a very rare occurrence. As mice and rats are two different species, contrary to popular belief, mice and rats cannot breed or interact with each other due to their different nature. 

The same logic applies to other rodent species such as hamsters which are solitary in nature. if you suspect a rodent infestation, it is most likely that it will be mice. if you see any of these signs then it can be certain that you might be dealing with a mouse infestation. If you happen to spot feces The size of a grain of rice can be a clear indication that you are indeed dealing with mice. another sign to tell whether you are dealing with mice is that you can see chewed through paper, cardboard, cables, wires, and other wiring from electrical appliances in your home.  although, A very rare occurrence, it might be very well that you are dealing with rats. Rats gain access in homes through various entry points such as open garage doors, foundational gaps, crevices, and might gain access through the vents which will make the risk of having rodent presence even higher. Rats are very capable of making rats nests inside homes.

For this it is recommended that you hire a professional pest service locally-based in the Greater Toronto area in order to serve you in a timely matter. The technician is able to perform a full exterior and interior inspection of the whole property and can give you advice based on experience and training as to where structurally prone areas have located that need to be sealed up in order to prevent a future rodent infestation. After treatment, you should see a decrease in rodent population after a few weeks, and should not notice any rodents In a short time after. If you suspect rodent activity taking place in or outside of your property it is highly advised to call Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc immediately to deal with the rodent issue at hand and to make rodents a thing of the past!