Can Asian hornets kill bees?

Can Asian hornets kill bees?

Asian, or Japanese Giant Hornets are a dying breed that can kill a human with as little as one sting. They tend to make their nests in the ground like other hornets or in large nests of thousands like wasps. They are aggressive and territorial and will travel far to get their food. 

The Asian or Japanese Giant Hornets have been recently discovered in North-America. It is strongly advised that, if stung, you seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect a hornet invasion contact Hornet Nest Removal Toronto.

The question posed here do these giant hornets eat bees. The answer is a distinct yes. In fact bees are a giant hornets favorite meal. They will fly great distances to find a beehive and when they do they signal their friends with a powerful pheromone threat that attracts the swarm to the beehive. They will then systematically kill every bee in the hive and then devour the larva and even eat the honey. They are very aggressive and strong and they can easily kill thousands of bees with hundreds of hornets. It’s like the Vikings raiding England. Just barbaric destruction. They are also very dangerous to you, if you have a nest in your yard they can try to sting you and that can be very serious, Japanese giant hornet stings can be fatal and you only to be stung once to experience the effects of the horrible venom. The hornets do not care if they have to sting you, they are single-minded in their protection of the hive and will kill anything that gets too close. 

Asian hornets are attracted to bees because they are attracted to sweet things, like all wasps and hornets when they are in mating season and raising larva they kill insects exclusively for food, tearing the heads off to feed to their young. When this period ends they will change their eating goals and start searching for sweet things to help them grow fat for the winter. They especially love garbage for all the rotting fruit and vegetables. But they also like any food that you or your family may have dropped on the ground. So make sure when you eat outside to vigorously clean all dropped food and to make sure to store your garbage in a tightly sealed container in the garage with a door that meets the ground tightly. Doing this will help keep hornets away from your yard but it may not be totally effective. You may have to kill the nest or hire someone like Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc to kill the nest for you. If you want to do it yourself make sure you wear sturdy protection like a beekeepers hat and strong leather gloves. Don’t take chances with giant hornets.