Top Places Where Cockroaches Like to Hide

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Cockroaches are a common household pest, and one of the hardest to deal with. They often hide out of sight, making it hard to know where they proliferate. You might not even see roaches until you stumble into a dark room, such as the kitchen, and turn on the light. Suddenly, you see them scampering across your counters and floors to get out of sight. Fortunately, knowing where cockroaches like to hide and why they hide there can help you remove them from your home or you can call professional cockroach control Toronto. There are the top places where cockroaches like to hide.

Above Your Head

Perhaps the scariest place to find a cockroach hiding is above your head. However, roaches prefer to hang out on ceilings, especially in a dark room. Although the reason for this hiding space is primarily a mystery, some experts believe it provides an easy escape. A roach can quickly fall from the ceiling and scurry off to hide from sight. A cockroach on the ceiling might indicate a crack or crevice nearby that they use for entry and escape.

Under Sinks

Underneath a kitchen or bathroom sink near leaky pipes is the perfect hiding spot for cockroaches. They have an uninterrupted source of hydration because of your leaky pipe. Also, it is dark and moist under there, which is a preference for roaches, especially the American cockroach. If you find roaches under your sink, chances are you need to repair a leaking pipe.


When you come home, you like to relax on the couch, in a recliner, or perhaps on your bed. It is such a cozy spot to relax. Perhaps it is no surprise that roaches love to hide in upholstered furniture, too. It provides an inconspicuous place for them to lay their eggs safely. Also, if you do not prevent eating in other rooms, food particles often fall into the crevices of chairs and couches, which provides an easy meal for roaches.


Your appliances are like a magnet for roaches. You will often find them hiding out in or around your coffee pot, toaster, or microwave. Your appliances often have particles of food in and around them, so it is a great source of food. They may also hide along with the stove and refrigerator because they prefer a source of warmth.


Your cabinets are dark and have plenty of nooks and crannies where roaches can hide. Therefore, do not be surprised if you open your cabinet and spot a roach or two hiding in a corner. Roaches love to hide in dark places to they remain out of sight from humans and other predators.

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