How Does a Rat Get in the House?

How Does a Rat Get in the House?

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It’s pretty hard to describe how shocked people get when they see a rat in their house. It’s worse, and even embarrassing if a visitor informs you that you might have a rat problem. The idea of Ratatouille running around in your kitchen spicing up your favourite exotic French dishes might be cute, but in reality, rats are filthy and destructive, and worse of all, they can carry diseases. About fifty thousand people every year are bitten by rats. Their destruction doesn’t end in the kitchen; they destroy property and crops. That is why it is hard to stay calm when a rat swishes fast between your legs.

Why do you get rats in your house?

In case you own a house, there’s always a chance that it may be at risk of getting a rat infestation. Any type of rodent infestation is bound to turn into an expensive ordeal if not properly taken care of or discovered in good time. Worse of all, rats in your house put both you and your family at great risk of contracting contagious diseases and parasites. In reality, everyone is at risk of getting rats in their house, no matter how new your house might be. In case you have noticed some rat activity in your house, here are a few reasons why:

  • You have a sanitation problem. One of the reasons rats get in your house is as a result of poor sanitation. This along with health concerns and other problems. Rats thrive in this kind of condition where they have easy access to water sources and food, encouraging them to move into your house and start building nests.
  • They are looking for shelter. Rats are always looking for a place that can be a potential shelter for their young ones. Small gaps in your house, on your ceiling, plumbing, gas pipes offer excellent spaces where rats can easily squeeze in and get access to your house.
  • Variable factors. Rats could also get into your house through factors that cannot be controlled but can be addressed. Any form of human intervention in the ecosystem like noise from construction could send these destructive rodents seeking a better place to call home. The scarcity of food or an increase in predators could also send them racing into your home. While these factors are uncontrollable, they can be prevented.

Big Rat in the house

In case you have noticed a big rat in your house with a thick body and fur, short ears, blunt snout with dark hair, it probably a Norway rat. Adults could weigh up to 11 ounces, and they are probably some of the most destructive rodents that could get into your house. Rats have been a problem throughout history; there are ancient stories of rats sinking wooden ships by chewing through them. While it might seem farfetched, this kind of destruction could happen in your home if you don’t take extreme precaution after noticing the signs.

While getting rid of rats could be as easy as going to your nearest convenience store and buying rat poison. It’s better to have them exterminated by a professional. Rats could pose serious health concerns, they often carry diseases and can bite. If you have young children around your house, setting rat traps and poison baits could be dangerous and traumatic at the same time.

Call a professional rat control company in Toronto to perform the extermination and subsequent cleanup. The expert will also identify all potential entry points and seal them accordingly to avoid a future rat problem. Call the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 or check our online shop for some rat control products.

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