Top 5 Bed Bug Cities in Canada

Top 5 Bed Bug Cities in Canada

Many people still think that the likely hood of getting bed bugs is at par with contracting the plague or dying of consumption. Bed bug cases in North America have been on the rise over the two past decades. This resurgence has mostly been attributed to banning of toxic but effective chemicals and pesticides such as DDT.

It is also an open secret within the industry that many exterminators certified within the last decade or so did not learn how to properly deal with bed bugs because there were so rare. It is not unheard of for experienced exterminators to have their first encounter with bed bugs in the recent past. Knowing how to recognize early bed bug signs can save you headaches.

Orkin Canada releases a list of the most bed bug infested cities in Canada every year. The list is a good forewarning to be cautious while travelling to avoid bringing bed bugs back home.

#5 – Halifax

Halifax starts off this list of top 5 Canadian cities with a bed bug problem. The most notable case in the recent past is the city closing down the Halifax North Memorial Public Library twice to address the pests spotted in furniture, CD’s and DVD’s and books.

The library was re-opened soon after it was determined that the bed bugs were brought in by the public rather than by a structural issue. The library’s director noted that staff is trained to recognize signs of pests including bed bugs. The facility also implements a protocol to deal with cases of bed bugs.

#4 – Vancouver

Vancouver ranks high on two lists; fourth place for bed bugs and first place for rats.

According to The Telegraph, British Airways issued an apology to a Canadian family travelling from Vancouver to London after they were bitten by bed bugs. The bad news for travelers is there is no shortage of places you could pick up bed bugs to bring back home.

Firefighters in Vancouver aren’t taking any chances with the pests. Vancouver Fire Hall No.1 has recruited the help of a bed bug sniffing dog to inspect the facility a few times a month to make sure it is pest-free.

#3 – St. John’s

Things appear to be getting worse in St. John’s which ranked 5thon a similar list in 2017. Some may find it peculiar that St. John’s ranks higher than much bigger cities.

This discrepancy may be explained by the fact that the city sees big numbers of tourists who likely bring the pests.

Recently, a room at a long-term care facility had to be cordoned off after bed bugs were discovered inside. Fortunately, the problem did not escalate and the facility was deemed safe and bed bug free soon after.

 #2 – Winnipeg

Not much has changed in Winnipeg which occupied a similar position the previous year.

Bed bugs were featured at the Xtreme BUGS exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo alongside other animatronic bugs including praying mantis, Japanese hornet, and emerald ash borer and black-legged ticks among others.

#1 – Toronto

Finally, Toronto earns a not-so-coveted first place on this list of the top 5 bed bug infested cities in Canada. Experts estimate that the problem grows at a rate of about 8-percent annually.

Some experts are less cynical and attribute the rising annual figures to more people reporting bed bug cases rather than the actual numbers of pests increasing. Whatever the case, Toronto remains at the top of this list of bed bug infested cities.

Hire the Exterminators to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It is virtually impossible to get rid of bed bugs on your own. The pest’s tiny size and flat back offers infinite hiding places including deep inside crevices and cracks. A DIY pest control attempt wouldn’t be able to reach the bed bugs where they hide.

Over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides are also virtually useless. It is well documented that pests in general are resistant to common pesticides. Regulations regarding the manufacture and use of pesticides also limit the potency and number of active ingredients that common pesticides use.

A failed DIY bed bug extermination attempt will simply irritate the pests and cause them to spread out and further aggravate the problem. Hire Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto to get rid of bed bugs permanently and get a warranty for the extermination.