the importance of checking tree around your home during a carpenter ant infestation

The Importance of Checking Tree Around Your Home During a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Carpenter ants are a terrible infestation that can endanger your home’s structural stability if not dealt with quickly. most of the time these ants access your home through a primary colony they have already built on your property. This primary colony is the source of the ants and taking it out can save you a lot of headaches in the future. Often times the ants will start their colony in old tree stumps or rotting old branches on a living tree or even mulch infested with ants. They will drill tunnels into it and build a nest with a queen and then begin seeking out sources of food that will likely be in your home.

If you have a carpenter ant infestation it is very important that you inspect your yard for ants. Check all wood that is outside. Wooden sheds, trees, stumps, piles of logs, whatever is out there. When you find it, you need to get rid of it in garbage bags to ensure the ants don’t escape back to your property. You can dispose of them but make sure the bags are sealed to prevent them from climbing back out. 

For the ants in your home however you will need to do some other work. Carpenter ants need warmth, food and water and safety to survive. If you take away the food and water then the ants will be less likely to stay in your home and try to build another primary colony.  It is best to contact professional ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

You must make sure all clutter in your home is cleared away, clean your kitchen very well and store all food in sealed plastic containers. Seal drains and leaky faucets and make sure to dry out the bathtub after using it and getting a toilet seat that seals shut. This will help stop the ants from finding water and food and places to hide. And will make it easier for you to get them out.