Can Asian hornets kill you

Can Asian hornets kill you?

Asian or Japanese hornets are the largest and most dangerous and deadly hornets in the world. One sting from this hornet can indeed kill you and they fly very far from their nest to hunt so there is no way to guarantee you will not run into one. They came here through fruit delivered from Japan to Canada and have since been consuming the west coast at a rapid rate. The sheer danger of these insects is so overwhelming that most people don’t know what to do.

The Asian or Japanese Giant Hornets have been recently discovered in North-America. It is strongly advised that, if stung, you seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect a hornet invasion contact Hornet Nest Removal Toronto.

They would rather stay in their homes than go outside. Not hard with the COVID lockdown. Giant hornets are often inches long and some have grown to be a foot in length, this is not common though and you are not likely to see one of these. They will normally be about an inch long with yellow and red stripes on their brown body. They consume mostly other insects and because of their size the power of their sting can hunt any insect they want, no matter the size. Like all hornets they are attracted to the smell of sweet things when they are not raising children, children eat the head of insects so these hornets spend most of their time in mating season hunting insects, but the rest of the time they want something sweet. They are attracted to all kinds of things on your property including garbage and dropped food like ice cream. If you have children or you often eat outside make sure to clean up everything, including any food on the ground and hose down the ground afterward. Seal your garbage tightly in a locked container in your garage and make sure the door meets the ground tightly. The hornets will be less likely to come to these sorts of properties. It is also important, if you have a fruit tree, to pick up any fallen fruit and to pick fruit off the tree when it is ripe, rotting fruit attracts wasps and hornets of all kinds. If you follow these rules you may be safe from giant hornets but if they are on your property then you need help. In this situation, you should not take care of it yourself. You should call Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc who is licensed to handle giant killer hornets. They will destroy the nest using powerful commercial-grade insecticides and leave a residual spray in the immediate area to kill any hornets that return to the nest. With our help, your hornet problem will be over in just one night.