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Case Study Carpenter Ant Colony in Roof in The Beaches

Case Study: Carpenter Ant Colony in Roof in The Beaches

This article recounts a carpenter ant extermination in The Beaches, Toronto. A severe infestation of carpenter ants were found in the roof and balcony of a home, then promptly removed with a comprehensive treatment. If you suspect that there are ants living on your property, give The Exterminators a call and we will send them…

Rodent Bait Station The Beaches

Case Study: Rats Burrow Through Shed in The Beaches

This article will analyse and recount a rat extermination and pest-proofing service in The Beaches. This infestation was a long-standing rat issue on the customer’s property. It will detail the steps taken in exclusion, by the technician, to eradicate the rat infestation. This visit is located between Kingston Road and Queen Street East in the…