Rodent Exclusion Deck Galvanized Steel Mesh

Case Study: Rat Extermination and Deck Exclusion in Forest Hill

This case will look at a rat extermination and pest-proofing job in Forest Hill. The problem had persisted for a few months after a different pest control began working on it. A complete extermination and pest-proofing of the property carried out by The Exterminators team has rid the property of rats ever since. Forest Hill,…

Moss Park - Exclusion Cover

Case Study: Rat and Raccoon Infestation in Moss Park

The following case study details a rat and raccoon removal job in downtown Toronto. Both rats and raccoons had infested this property, causing damage and to the exterior and risking an interior invasion. Moss Park Located in the east side of downtown Toronto, the Moss Park neighbourhood is home to the largest public housing concentration…