Case Study: Rat and Raccoon Infestation in Moss Park

The following case study details a rat and raccoon removal job in downtown Toronto. Both rats and raccoons had infested this property, causing damage and to the exterior and risking an interior invasion.

Moss Park

Located in the east side of downtown Toronto, the Moss Park neighbourhood is home to the largest public housing concentration in the city. The actual park was named Moss Park by William Allan in the 1800’s due to the abundance of moss in the area at the time.

Moss Park Toronto
Moss Park armoury.

Moss Park is a gateway to the east suburbs of the city and as such, the main roads are always busy with traffic and pedestrians. Shops and restaurants along Queen Street West and King Street West have increased in numbers over the years.
As an older part of the city and because of a high population density, pests and urban critters strive in this neighbourhood and can become quite a nuisance.
This case will detail the extermination of rats and the removal of a raccoon that found its way into the same cavity as the rats, likely following their scent.


The homeowner initially contacted us concerned that there was rat activity on the property, both outside and inside.

Moss Park Rat Activity Entry Point in Wall
Evidence of rat activity was found along the perimeter of the rear of the house.

Our certified technician was dispatched to conduct a detailed inspection of the property and found burrow holes in between the walls leading into the extension from the outside. Rat droppings were also observed in the extension kitchen under the sink. We could also hear noise from walls, confirming that activity was still present.

Initial Steps

We started by treating the inside of the extension first, by placing snap-traps. These traps will humanely get rid of any rats that may still be inside the home. On the outside, we placed bait-stations with commercial grade rodenticide to eliminate rats from the perimeter of the property. These stations typically take 3-4 weeks to deliver results.

Moss Park Rodent Bait Station
Bait stations were place on the exterior of the property to control rat activity.

The technician advised the homeowner that an exclusion would be the best way to prevent the rats from entering the extension. Because the inspection was conducted during the colder days of winter, we had to wait for the ground to thaw to proceed.


When we returned to perform the exclusion work, we found that not only had the ground thawed, but a raccoon had also made its way into one of cavities dug by the rats. It is not uncommon for other creatures to follow scents left by rats, such as urine.

Moss Park Rat and Raccoon One-Way Doors
Two one-way-doors were installed. One for the rats (left) and one for the raccoon (right).

We determined that the best course of action would be to seal the entire perimeter of the rear extension with 30ft. of galvanized steel mesh. This mesh is secured firmly to the ground and the walls to prevent rodents from burrowing holes.
Because of the unexpected extra tenant, our technician decided that two one-way-doors would need to be installed- one for the rats, and one for the raccoon. Not doing so could trap the raccoon inside. One-way-doors allow animals to exit and not be able to return through the same entry point.
It was recommended to the homeowner that we cover a wall vent in the rear of the home. Wall vents can be used by rodents to penetrate the home and it is advisable that they be covered with properly fitter mesh covers.

Moss Park Wall Vent Mesh Exclusion
A wall vent cover was installed to prevent any rodents from entering the house.

As part of our exclusion process, we also refilled all the outdoor bait-stations to continue control of the outside activity of rats.


When our team returned to assess the infestation, both one-way-doors were uninstalled and sealed with galvanized steel mesh.
As an extra precaution we decided to perform a deodorize disinfection of the area around the enclosures and into the wall. This add-on service minimizes the likelihood of rats lingering around the area by killing any pathogens and removing scent trails.


Our team is used to having curveballs thrown at them all the time. Pest control can sometimes be unpredictable because it is literally a game of cat-and-mouse chase. In this case we came in and exterminated the rats but when we returned to install the exclusion, found a raccoon using the same burrowing holes to make itself at home.
Because our technicians are trained and certified in both pest extermination and wildlife removal, we had no problems removing both animals from inside and around the home.