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Rodent Exclusion Deck Galvanized Steel Mesh

Case Study: Rat Extermination and Deck Exclusion in Forest Hill

This case will look at a rat extermination and pest-proofing job in Forest Hill. The problem had persisted for a few months after a different pest control began working on it. A complete extermination and pest-proofing of the property carried out by The Exterminators team has rid the property of rats ever since. Forest Hill,…

Roncesvalles One-Way Door Removed Mesh

Case Study: Interior Rat Removal and Pest-Proofing in Roncesvalles

The following article tells the story of an interior rat removal job in Roncesvalles. This case will look at a rat infestation in a home closer to the train tracks and commercial properties, both of which can attract rodents due to abundant food sources. Roncesvalles: Main Street, Smalltown Home to the largest Polish Festival in…