Rat One-Way Door and Bait Station

Case Study: Interior Rat and Mouse Removal in Old Toronto

The following case study details a mouse and rat extermination in Toronto. Both types of pest were invading the home, dirtying it with feces. Bait programs on both the interior and exterior of the home, along with a full exclusion of the premises got rid of the pests within a few months. If you suspect that there are rodents on your property, do not hesitate to reach out to The Exterminators.


The homeowner in this case first called The Exterminators in the spring. They had been dealing with a mouse problem for a few months and needed help. Mice were leaving feces on the floor and even up on the coffee table in the living room. A technician came to the property the next day to inspect.

With every job, our technicians carry out inspections to find the sources of the pest issue as well as its severity. We look for entry points and signs of pest activity so that we can exterminate them most effectively and prevent them from returning.

Here, the technician found signs of mice activity throughout the main floor of the home. Just as the homeowner reported, there were feces in the kitchen and other parts of the home where people ate. To get rid of the mice, the technician proposed having bait stations installed.

During the visit, the homeowner told the technician that she had had a rat problem the previous year and that they were coming back. As such, she was interested in having her home excluded from the rodents. The technician took a closer look at the backyard and found burrow holes within the grass, indicating that rats were present. He also noted that there were gaps along the sides of the homeowner’s garage, which were likely responsible for bringing rats indoors.

To fix this, the technician suggested that the homeowner have that entry point covered with a one-way door, and the rest of the gap be sealed with mesh. The one-way door would let indoor rats out of the house, where they could feed on bait and perish in their burrows outside.

Rodent Entry Point
Rats are burrowers, so their entry points are usually somewhere near the ground. Crawl spaces and basements are prone to rodent break-ins.

Altogether, the technician recommended having bait stations installed inside and outside of the home, as well as a one-way door to let rats out. The foundation of the garage would need to be excluded, along with the exclusion of some gaps around a window and some wall vents. Rodents can climb up and into window frames and chew through wall vents, so they should be covered to keep the pests out.

The homeowner accepted the technician’s proposal and got to work immediately.

Extermination and Exclusion

First, the technician installed a few bait stations for mice within the home. These consist of little boxes that contain rodenticide. They have openings on their sides so that mice can get in, but they cannot be opened fully without a key. Rats living within the home would be unable to consume this bait. It is recommended that you do not use rodenticide against rats indoors because they may perish inside the walls of the home, where they will cause a terrible smell. Mice, on the other hand, are too small to make a noticeable smell.

Outside, the technician placed some bait stations for rats. These are just like the stations for mice, but bigger. They also have openings on their sides to fit rats, and the rodenticide is formulated to appeal to rats specifically. It also takes several ingestions to work, so if a chipmunk were to wander inside, it won’t get hurt.

Following the installation of the bait stations, the technician installed a one-way door on the side of the garage. This would let rats out when they come out to feed but prevent their return. To ensure that the rats could not get back inside, he installed 18 feet of mesh along the bottom of the garage.

Rat One-Way Door and Bait Station
The one-way door is an excellent solution to an interior infestation of rats. When rats want to feed outside, they crawl out the door and can’t come back.
Garage Exclusion with Mesh
We offer exclusion services in which we secure a mesh along the perimeters of decks, porches, foundations, and crawlspaces to keep pests out. This prevents rodents, skunks, and raccoons from digging underneath and making themselves at home.

Next, the technician covered the wall vents in mesh and sealed the gap in the window frame with caulking. Excluding the home like this would prevent any more rodents from getting inside and prolonging the issue.

Wall Vent Covered with Mesh
Wall vents can be covered with mesh to keep pests out. These come with a written guarantee and warranty of up to 2 years.
Window Sealed
Caulking is effective for pest-proofing small cracks in the window frames, door frames, and vinyl siding.


Over the next few months, members of The Exterminators team would check on the bait stations to monitor progress. During the first checkup, a few weeks later, the bait stations were empty, indicating that there were several rodents in the home, but the program was working. With every visit, the technicians would refill the stations with fresh bait.

Rodent Bait Station
This rat unfortunately passed within a bait station. The technician on site removed the pest, cleaned the station, and rebaited it.

In September, the homeowner was no longer seeing any signs of rodent activity indoors, so a technician came to replace the one-way door with mesh. By November, activity outdoors had slowed considerably. Rat infestations like these can take a long time to eradicate because their colonies can stretch across the entire neighbourhood. It takes consistent baiting to suppress the rat population outside.


Rats are difficult pests because they move in and out of the house. Their colonies can be quite large, spanning across whole neighbourhoods. Both mice and rats breed very quickly, too, which makes it hard to keep up with them.

Contact The Exterminators for rodent control near you. We can find where the pests are coming from and block them out, so they stop coming. Our technicians are trained and experienced to solve every pest problem, not matter how severe. We use safe, high-quality baits that work effectively and get rid of rodents fast. Call us for guaranteed rodent control in the GTA.