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case study downtown guelph stevenson st rat exclusion

Case Study: Downtown Guelph Rat Exclusion 2021

The following article analyzes and recounts rat extermination in Guelph, Ontario. Each step in the exclusion process that technicians took to eradicate the presence of rats completely will be detailed. The infestation, in this case, was beyond severe and required multiple visits to solve. The residential property sits at a bustling intersection between a major…

Case Study Interior Carpenter Ant Extermination in East York

Case Study: Interior Carpenter Ant Extermination in East York

This case study recounts a carpenter ant extermination in East York, Toronto. Members of The Exterminators team performed a thorough inspection and extermination, using baits and sprays to eliminate the pests entirely. If there are ants on your property and you need help, please reach out to The Exterminators. East York, Toronto The former Borough…