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Essential Oils - What Natural Scents Will Repel Rodents

Essential Oils: What Natural Scents Will Repel Rodents?

Research has proven that mice are extremely sensitive to scents. Another study that was conducted by Harvard University backed this statement. Mice in some studies have even been trained to detect specific odours. Their efficient sensitivity to scents can also be used to against them since they tend to be repelled from specific smells. It…

Do Essential Oils Repel Cockroaches

Do Essential Oils Repel Cockroaches?

Finding that you have cockroaches in your house is never fun, and getting rid of them can be quite a chore. Infestation may reach such a point that cockroaches will bite residents due to the colony outgrowing its food source. However, what happens if you only occasionally see a bug in your kitchen? Well, most…