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rat-infestation-and-deck- exclusions-in- toronto-neighborhood

Case Study: Rat infestation and Deck Exclusions in Toronto Neighborhood

Exterior Inspection The property owner of residential property in Toronto complained about an alleged rat presence under the deck. After this, a technician set out to inspect the areas and conduct an exterior inspection of the area. The exterior inspection is the most important part of the rat removal process because it allows the technician…


High Rat Activity Found Under Backyard Deck in Toronto

Exterior Inspection¬† Rats are a real issue when it comes to our urban cities. Rats are opportunistic rodents that thrive in the outdoors, but when given a chance, they will gladly go inside our houses. Rats will take advantage of every entry point, and will make our homes their homes, and so is the case…

Rodent Exclusion Deck Galvanized Steel Mesh

Case Study: Rat Extermination and Deck Exclusion in Forest Hill

This case will look at a rat extermination and pest-proofing job in Forest Hill. The problem had persisted for a few months after a different pest control began working on it. A complete extermination and pest-proofing of the property carried out by The Exterminators team has rid the property of rats ever since. Forest Hill,…