rat-infestation-and-deck- exclusions-in- toronto-neighborhood

Case Study: Rat infestation and Deck Exclusions in Toronto Neighborhood

Exterior Inspection

The property owner of residential property in Toronto complained about an alleged rat presence under the deck. After this, a technician set out to inspect the areas and conduct an exterior inspection of the area. The exterior inspection is the most important part of the rat removal process because it allows the technician to gain a better understanding of the situation and to understand rat movement from and to the exterior of the property. In addition, the technician makes notes of areas that can be exploited by rats and other wildlife around the area.

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Initial Measures Taken

To start the deck exclusion, the technician dug a 1 ft deep trench around the perimeter of the deck. Once that trench was dug, the technician proceeded to lay in steel mesh in an L-shape around the deck. This was 120 square feet of mesh. Since rats are burrowing animals and like to get under structures, the L-shape puts a full stop to the digging. This measure will also work very effectively against skunks and raccoons who often invade yards.

The deck was excluded thereby digging a 1 ft-deep trench around the perimeter.

To the shed next to the deck, a One-Way raccoon door and a baby raccoon door were installed to get the raccoons out. Since baby raccoons at that time were mobile, raccoon babies could push through the door and leave. The same was done for the deck to dispel the rats that were hiding underneath the deck. A rat One-Way Door was attached to the steel mesh. The Rat One-Way Door lets the rats leave while giving them no chance to get back in because of the steel mesh that was installed moments earlier. The result is a fortified barrier between the deck and the outside.

To make sure these rats have no reason to go back to the property, the technician strategically placed two exterior tamper-proof bait stations that were loaded with commercial-grade rodenticides. These rodenticides are in the form of bait blocks and are poisoned food. Once the rats eat from it they will perish over time. These bait stations are locked and secured and are put out of any child’s or pet’s reach. In addition, only a technician can open up these stations with a special key.

L-shaped steel mesh is put in the trench to deter all kinds of animals from digging under structures.

The exterior inspection yielded some results as to what areas need to be sealed off so that pests and wildlife could not take any advantage of it. The technician installed two wall vent covers. These will help prevent rodents such as mice and rats from seeking any entry to the interior.

(pictured above: Raccoon One-Way Door) A raccoon door to the shed was attached as well as a rat One-Way Door to dispel rats.

Dispelling rats can vary from days to weeks and raccoons and skunks will be usually out after a week or so. The technician came for a second visit and verified any presence whereafter the One-Way Doors for the rats and raccoons were removed. After removal, the entry points were patched with steel mesh to prevent any future break-ins.

The neighbouring shed was also excluded for raccoon removal.


This deck exclusion was a classic example of the spaces that rats can inhabit. People need to remember that rat presence is often the result of already-present burrows on the property. Rats are found on the exterior and the interior as well as wildlife that roam the Greater Toronto Area such as skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. To have your property excluded and proofed against pests, contact the insured and licensed professionals from The Exterminators by calling us at 647-496-2211